Wolde Simon II climbs the entertainment ladder at age 14

Fourteen-year old TV and movie superstar, Wolde Simon II, served as co-host of the recent 10th Annual Carlos Lezama Archives & Caribbean Culture Center (CLACC-C) Children’s Festival & Youth Pan Fest in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Fourteen-year-old television and screen actor, Wolde Simon II is climbing the ladder of success. The phenomenal multi-talented performer who at age nine, became one of the youngest contestants to win Amateur Night at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem back in 2018, after performing his original black history poem, is now a sought-after entertainer.
Simon, made his television debut alongside, Grammy-award nominated actress, Queen Latifah, in the hugely popular drama series, “The Equalizer.”

Caribbean Life caught up with the handsome impressionable teen recently, when he served as co-host at the 10th Annual Carlos Lezama Archives & Caribbean Culture Center (CLACC-C) Children’s Festival & Youth Pan Fest, that was held in Crown Heights. He was poised, eloquent, and focused just like any matured professional.

With a stage name like Jolly Swag, it was only fitting for him to be dressed in ‘swag.’ He wore a stylish yellow blazer with a handkerchief in the top pocket, over a white tee shirt, and white shorts, as he stood tall at the podium. His enunciation was excellent, as he commentated during the steel pan competition.

The talented youth’s most recent supporting movie roles include — “A Thousand and One” — directed by A.V Rockwell and produced by Lena Waite, and the off-Broadway play Medea.
He said as part of his many broadcasting gigs, he has emceed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), the Barclay’s Center, and interviewed Hollywood actress, Sarah Michelle-Geller, and top-notch entertainers including, Wyclef Jean, and actress, Monique Coleman.

Black Wall Street, Durham, NC, Homecoming, welcomed Jolly Swag as their youngest performer, noting, “Jolly Swag has made a name for himself and is embracing his rise to international superstardom! He’s branding himself as a business and taking the world by storm!”
And despite his busy schedule, the young superstar, a skillful basketball player, still finds the time to play a game of hoops and hopes to attend college to pursue a degree in one of his many occupations. “Maybe, filmmaking,” he remarked.

Ed note: Corrected age from 15 to 14 years and the names of President and First Lady which were inaccurately stated.