Word play

"We'll have to rehearse that," said the undertaker as the coffin fell out of the car.
This business’s sign is written in both English and Hebrew. The large character is used to make the ’N’ in Emanuel and the ‘מ’ in עמנואל. This is an example of orthographic word play.

An epitaph, probably unassigned to any grave, demonstrates use in rhyme.

An example of modern word play can be found on line 103 of Childish Gambino's "III. Life: The Biggest Troll".

A farmer says, "I got soaked for nothing, stood out there in the rain bang in the middle of my land, a complete waste of time. I'll like to kill the swine who said you can win the Nobel Prize for being out standing in your field!".

Eminem is known for the extensive wordplay in the lyrics of his music.