Wikipedia:Wikipedia in webcomics

This is a page listing webcomics which feature Wikipedia. It is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all the ones that merely use the word "Wikipedia". Instead, these are a compilation of those strips whose topic centrally relates to the encyclopedia and its perception in popular culture.

Common themes in the comics reflect Criticism of Wikipedia—especially jabs at its vulnerability to vandalism and accuracy as a source. Frequently people who edit or read Wikipedia are mocked as the butt of the joke, with the insinuation that Wikipedia enthusiasts lack social skills and are "nerds", thus using the site is something one should be embarrassed about. The existence of this list creates an additional recursive topic for those authors that discuss Wikipedia for the mere purpose of seeing if their comic can be mentioned here.

A topic which has particularly heated coverage from webcomic authors is that Wikipedia will not allow entries describing many webcomics in the encyclopedia. This determination is made using guidelines for notability, which is a subjective process that—although democratic at some level—is ultimately in the hands of Wikipedia administrators. Another wiki has been established which welcomes coverage of all webcomics regardless of fame (see ).