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I think it would be useful to know how and when a talk page subject should become an FAQ section.

What would be the best way of discussing this with people that have done it? --ProbablyAndrewKuznetsov (talk) 05:50, 26 February 2020 (UTC)

I have a new idea for a community navigation template, which I have created at the page below. what do you think of this? I created this by using code from the Wikipedia: Community portal, and then adding some further links. feel free to let me know what you think. is this useful? thanks.

hi DexDor. just to reply to your note above, I am indeed following the advice I was given. the advice was to seek consensus, to act deliberatively. to use the established channels to obtain consensus before proceeding with any changes. and to not post notice in multiple locations, but rather to use one single forum that is most appropriate for discussing the idea with the community, rather than multiple locations. that is precisely what I am doing here. so I am accepting that advice completely.
In the future, I would appreciate if we could please not debate about whether I can or cannot edit in any particular areas of the project. I do think you absolutely mean well, and I think you are a highly valuable, conscientious, diligent and knowledgeable editor who acts purely out of concern for the best interests of Wikipedia. so I highly, highly respect your insights. however, I would like to dispense with the topic of whether I can or cannot edit any particular area, especially in this case, where I am using a thoroughly appropriate forum. as I noted, I will absolutely glad to be much more aware of the discursive and deliberative processes here, and to respect them more deeply, and more thoughtfully.

InternetArchiveBot (IABot) is wonderful. It automatically fixes some dead links by linking to historic versions of the same pages on Internet Archive. Then it leaves substantial messages on talk pages. Those message get old or out of date, sometimes because a human editor confirms the edit was good. I would like to squeeze those messages down, because they take space and more importantly they put a cognitive load on readers, especially new editors.

By pasting in a block of wikicode above and below the IABot message, we put it into a show/hide box. Thus the message is not forgotten but a visitor to the page doesn't have to parse it. We can put multiple IABot messages into such a box. I copied the box from the magnificently formatted Clausius–Duhem inequality. I propose to do this by hand, ad hoc. If it goes well for a while then perhaps a bot can do this.

Is that a good practice? Or is there another way to accomplish this sort of cleanup? I could just delete the IABot sections. I have also posted the question to the IRC for IABot. -- econterms (talk) 20:42, 13 March 2020 (UTC)

Here's that is claiming to be in C.C license. Can it be used in any corona related articles ?

And secondly, can any wiki community create a prevention/ awareness related video in English language so that it can be used in corona related articles ?

And please put some thoughts about "wiki community & corona" in here . THANKS .--Masum The Great (talk) 09:26, 22 March 2020 (UTC)

So, given all the free time we have, I'm thinking about taking on a fairly big task: trying to build a consensus to revamp the links in the sidebar that appears at the left of every page to improve usability and ease of navigation. This issue was last raised, as far as I can tell, in 2013 by Steven Walling (now retired) in an RfC that has a subpage here. The close (by Keithbob) noted that but that , so no changes were implemented. I would've supported most of them had I been around in 2013. The design of the sidebar appears not to have changed noticeably since then. I'm hoping to kick off a more formalized proposal at some point, but for testing the waters at the idea lab here, some questions:

All participants seemed to agree that the sidebar's content, design and appearance could be improvedthere was a wide variety of suggested changes none of which appeared to have universal support
(Seems to be a thing going around, people thinking about new design proposals. I've been writing up a proposal for redesigning the preferences page. :) )
Sidebar changes since 2013: The "In other projects" section was added when Wikidata became capable of supporting it, and the "Create a book" link was removed by consensus in a few months ago after this discussion.