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If you want to change the name of a series, or propose a new multi-level series, make sure to leave a note about it on WT:UTM, so that it can be fully integrated as a warning template if there are no major objections. Before creating new templates, please check to see if the template in mind already exists, to avoid duplication. Note: User warning templates are generally semi-protected. However, creation of a template does not automatically semi-protect it; be sure to request semi-protection. In the meantime, make sure the template does not erroneously indicate that it is already semi-protected.

If you add any templates here, please make sure to add them to the respective page "Wikipedia:Template messages/User talk namespace/XXX templates".

In early 2007, the multi-level templates underwent a harmonisation program by the WikiProject user warnings. The old template grid may still be found here with the details here. Please visit the project pages for some important changes about the implementation of these templates, especially the test templates and the new vandalism warnings.