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Disambiguation pages with links is a project that patrols the incoming links to disambiguation pages. These non-article pages exist to clarify and ease confusion in cases where two or more similarly named articles exist—for example, if two or more notable people have the same name. Ideally, article namespace pages should not link to disambiguation pages, except when the ambiguity of a term is being discussed (as in hatnotes mentioning that a term has other meanings); instead, links should go directly to the appropriate article. Where an article intentionally links to a disambiguation page, that link should be through a "Foo (disambiguation)" redirect, to make it clear that the link is intentional. Links from non-article namespaces are allowed, but still may need to be disambiguated. Redirects to disambiguation pages (e.g. residuals redirects to residual, which is a disambiguation page) are not considered to be within the article namespace for purposes of this guideline.

This page lists the disambiguation pages that do have incoming links, most of which need to be fixed.

Where applicable, each of these reports sets up "Fix" links to help one get started

The Monthly DAB Challenge is a friendly competition to see who can fix the most links from (and the ) and earn a place in the Disambiguator Hall of Fame. The leaderboard shows the top twenty contributors so far this month (with a minimum 10 article-to-disambig fixes), and is updated hourly. For more information, including the full leaderboard, see .

The list below shows the disambiguation pages in the English Wikipedia's article namespace to which there are the most links. For the purposes of this report, a disambiguation page is considered to be any article using one of the many disambiguation templates. Multiple links from a single article are counted only once. Only links from the article namespace are counted.

The current list was generated from the on October 1, 2021. Previous reports from the toolserver and database dumps are archived in the box to the right.

From the as of September 30, 2021, out of a total of 3,153 links, approximately 2,410 have currently been fixed.

The link counts reflect the number of links from main namespace articles as of the date shown above. They are unlikely to be accurate at any later date; however, we keep the original count intact as a way of tracking our progress. Please do not change the link totals!
Please add new entries to the bottom. It makes it easier to see how we are progressing.