Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee/Ban Appeals Subcommittee

The Ban Appeals Subcommittee (BASC) was formed by the Arbitration Committee to hear appeals, by email, from users who are banned or blocked by community processes. BASC is a last resort, available only if other means of appeal are exhausted.

then you may submit an appeal to BASC. Please read Wikipedia:Appealing a block and the next section of this page before doing so. The status box above indicates how long your appeal is likely to take if submitted now.

BASC does not hear appeals of topic bans, namespace or single-account restrictions, or appeals of block of short duration. Appeals of remedies imposed by the Arbitration Committee must be appealed directly to the committee itself, not to BASC.

If (and only if) you are unable to use the EmailUser system, you may e-mail us directly at

Feel free to contact a member of the subcommittee if you have any questions.

More information on the subcommittee as a body is available at /About. However, this information is not strictly relevant if you are actually appealing a block; if you are, please see #Procedure, above, for instructions.