Vowel length

In Latin and Hungarian, some long vowels are analyzed as separate phonemes from short vowels:

"Long" and "short" vowel letters in spelling and the classroom teaching of reading

The vowel sounds (phonetic values) of what are called "long vowels" and "short vowels" (less confusing would be "vowel letters", as the concept being articulated is about how the letter should be read) in the teaching of reading (and therefore in everyday English) are represented in this table. The descriptions "long" and "short" are not accurate from a linguistic point of view; in the case of Modern English as the vowels are not actually long and short versions of the same sound, they are different sounds and therefore different vowels, as is clearly shown by their phonetic qualities.

Although not phonemic, a half-long distinction can also be illustrated in certain accents of English:

In non-Latin writing systems, a variety of mechanisms have also evolved.