Vienna Circle

Their meetings were held in Viennese coffeehouses from 1907 onward. Frank remembered:

The non-public phase of the Vienna Circle – The Schlick Circle (1924–1928)

The following is the list of works published in the two collections edited by the Vienna Circle.

These works are translated in , Kluwer, 1987.

Unified Science: The Vienna Circle Monograph Series Originally Edited by Otto Neurath

Logical analysis is the method of clarification of philosophical problems; it makes an extensive use of symbolic logic and distinguishes the Vienna Circle empiricism from earlier versions. The task of philosophy lies in the clarification—through the method of logical analysis—of problems and assertions.

The Encyclopedia was in origin the idea of Otto Neurath. It was meant as a manifestation of the unity of science movement [...] Original plans for the Encyclopedia were ambitious. In addition to the two introductory volumes, there was to be a section on the methodology of the sciences, one on the existing state of the unification of sciences, and possibly a section on the application of the sciences. It was planned that the work in its entirety would comprise about twenty-six volumes (260 monographs)

Foundations of the Unity of Sciences, vol. 1, The University of Chicago Press, 1969, p. vii.

(Carnap, "The Elimination of Metaphysics Through Logical Analysis of Language" in Sarkar, Sahotra 1996, p. 12)