Union Square Ventures

Union Square Ventures (USV) is an American venture capital firm. Based in New York City, the firm manages assets totaling $1 billion as of March 2016.[1]

Union Square Ventures (USV) was founded in 2003 by Fred Wilson (a former partner of Flatiron Partners) and Brad Burnham (a former Executor in Residence with AT&T Ventures). They created USV with the intent of investing in and fostering the development of early-stage companies.[2] Their investments are "mostly U.S.-based Internet and mobile companies considered to be ‘disruptive’".[3] Since its establishment, USV is one of the companies that are regularly included in Red Herring’s lists of top venture capital firms.[4] As of 2016, USV had 7 billion dollar exits including Twitter in 2013 and Twilio in 2016.[5]

In 2007, Albert Wenger, the former president of del.icio.us, joined the firm as a managing partner.[6] In 2011, Betaworks co-founder Andy Weissman joined USV.[7] The same year, USV was chosen as the best-performing venture capital firm the United States, based on investment return rate.[8] In 2018, Rebecca Kaden, previously a General Partner at Maveron joined USV.[9] In 2019, USV announced two new partners joined the firm – Gillian Munson, formerly the CFO of XO Group, and Nick Grossman, who had previously worked at USV on special projects such as policy and crypto.[10]