Triangular bifrustum

The triangular bifrustum is the second in an infinite series of bifrustum polyhedra. It has 6 trapezoid and 2 triangle faces. It may also be called the truncated triangular bipyramid; however, that term is ambiguous, as it may also refer to polyhedra formed by truncating all five vertices of a triangular bipyramid.[1]

This polyhedron can be constructed by taking a triangular bipyramid and truncating the polar axis vertices, making it into two end-to-end frustums. It appears as the form of certain nanocrystals.[2][3]

A truncated triangular bipyramid can be constructed by connecting two stacked regular octahedra with 3 pairs of tetrahedra around the sides. This represents a portion of the gyrated alternated cubic honeycomb.