Thiruchuli is a village about 15 kilometers to the east of Aruppukkottai, 40 km east of Virudhunagar and 45 km south of Madurai in Tamil Nadu, India. It is considered to be a very holy place, in large part because it is the birthplace of Sri Ramana Maharishi, held by many to be the most revered Hindu saint of the 20th century. The place also has a rich Saivite temple, Thirumeninathar temple, one of the oldest ones in South India; the God in this temple was worshipped by most of the popular 63 Saivites in Tamil Nadu. Tiruchuli is located on the western bank of the river Gundar,In 2011, the town had a population of 7688.

The Bhuminathaswamy temple at Tiruchuli is counted among the 14 famous Shaiva centres in Pandya nadu. Name of God is Bhuminathar, Goddess is Thunaimalai Amman. Its deity has been venerated in the hymns sung by Shaivite Nayanar Sundaramoorthy and Sekkilar.

The temple has undergone extensive renovations and the present complex accommodates a number of shrines built over time within the high boundary walls constructed during the reign of Muthuramalinga Setupati. Swami Vivekananda stayed three days in this temple due to the flood of Gundar river during his yatras.

Thiruchuli is admired by persons who are pious, religious and who love seclusion for meditation and chants in the name of the divine. There is also a famous shrine in the Agraharam adjoining the temple, called Sundara Mandiram, which is the house where Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi was born.

This place comes under virudunagar district, this taluk comes under ramnad M.P

The river Gundaru flows at the east side of the village. A big lake is situated on the west side of the village. The main work is agriculture. Most of government staff and school teachers who are working in Tiruchuli and surrounding villages live here.

Tiruchuli is having own Railway station, Taluk Office, Police station, Post office, treasury, Government hospital ,State Bank of India and good schools.

Tiruchuli is a huge sight of water, 15 years after agriculture work is going on. There is a large kanmai in about 550 acres in Tiruchuli. There are 5 cults in this Kanmai. During the rainy season, when the water comes to river, Panthanenthal kanmai will be filled with the water through the canal. Then the surplus water will flow through the canal of the tiruchuli kanmai. In this case, for about sixteen years, the canals have been left without care. Thus, the big kanmai did not leave the water.

Without being maintained, the 1,500 acres of the three villages of Tiruchuri, Pachcheri and Tamil Padi became the land of wasteland. In this case, the Tamil Nadu and Tiruchuri civilians were involved in the task of reconstructing the canals in their own efforts. In 2017, in the areas of Theni, Usilampatti and Tirumangalam, flooding in the Kunda, the water is filled kanmai with surplus water. Soil water level has increased. In addition, the water level in the wells has risen. Thus, Work on agricultural lands is going on.

The NGO, ODAM, operates out of Thiruchuli and provides women self-help groups, literacy classes and has established a research biodiesel center 7 km outside of town.

Tiruchuli (State Assembly Constituency) was created recently. At present Mr.Thangam Thennarasu is the MLA. As far as Local body is concerned, Mr. Ponnusamy is the Union Chairman.