Thomas Jefferson

House of Burgesses in Williamsburg, Virginia, where Jefferson served 1769–1775
Barbary Coast of North Africa 1806. Left is Morocco at Gibraltar, center is Tunis, and right is Tripoli.
Black Hoof, leader of the Shawnee, accepted Jefferson's Indian assimilation policies.

Following the 1801 electoral deadlock, Jefferson's relationship with his vice president, former New York Senator Aaron Burr, rapidly eroded. Jefferson suspected Burr of seeking the presidency for himself, while Burr was angered by Jefferson's refusal to appoint some of his supporters to federal office. Burr was dropped from the Republican ticket in 1804.

A political cartoon showing merchants dodging the "Ograbme", which is "Embargo" spelled backward (1807)

Jefferson's remains were buried at Monticello, under an epitaph that he wrote:

One month before the Act Prohibiting Importation of Slaves came into effect, in his annual message to Congress, Jefferson denounced the "violations of human rights." He said: