Thomas Crosbie Holdings

Thomas Crosbie Holdings (TCH) was a family-owned media and publishing group based in Cork, Ireland.[1] Its largest publication was once the Irish Examiner, the third largest daily broadsheet newspaper in the Republic of Ireland.

In July 2012, it was reported by RTÉ that Thomas Crosbie Holdings were considering a "debt restructuring".[2] On 20 January 2013, it was reported that TCH "is edging closer to making a tough decision on its financial restructuring".[3][4]

TCH employed 800 people at one stage, this dropped to 640.[5] In a recent court case the company said "everyone in the organisation, was highly attuned to the fact it was a difficult business".[5]

On 6 March 2013, TCH went into receivership. Landmark Media Investments Ltd acquired most of the old TCH assets.[6]

Thomas Crosbie Holdings was sued by WebPrint Concepts in March 2013. WebPrint Concepts also sued Landmark Media Investments. Both were sued over breach of contract.[7] WebPrint Concepts subsequently fired 26 staff members after losing the Thomas Crosbie Holdings contract.[8]

TCH formerly owned a number of newspapers and radio stations as listed below.

Thomas Crosbie Holdings has several new media interests. Despite this, chairman Alan Crosbie, speaking at a Dublin conference in February 2012, denounced new media as having "the capacity to destroy civil society".[19]