The New Hampshire

The New Hampshire (commonly known as TNH) is a weekly student-run newspaper headquartered at the University of New Hampshire (UNH). Since 1911, it has been published weekly on Thursdays during the academic year, with a printed circulation of 3,000 copies per issue. TNH is distributed for free in the Memorial Union Building, university housing and academic buildings, Durham businesses, and other locations around the southern New Hampshire seacoast area; the newspaper also publishes an online edition of the week's print edition.

As of January 2020, TNH is tied for the oldest UNH publication on record with the former Granite student yearbook (1908–2017); both are 109 years old.

The first issue of The New Hampshire, "Volume 1, No. 1," was published on September 20, 1911, and sold for 5¢ a copy or $1 for a year-long subscription.[1] It replaced The New Hampshire College Monthly, a student magazine created in 1893 (and originally named The Enaichsee—"The NHC"—in its first year)[2] by students of the Culver Literary Society. The first issue of The New Hampshire greeted students of the college (named the prior to 1923) with the following proclamation:[1]

"The College Monthly is dead, bound over and passes into the great beyond whence from it can never come back. Its last years were ones of strife and difficulty but the end came in quietness with all bills paid... However, that is gone and we are with this issue starting a new era in New Hampshire College. This first issue of The New Hampshire is one that is making history for it is the first-ever weekly newspaper that has ever been issued by the students of this college... The New Hampshire greets you! And we start with the feeling that we are at the beginning of a new epoch, vigorous, broad, and promising from this paper is bound to make the college better known to the world and more loved by its friends."

In May 1916, The New Hampshire urged NHC to illuminate the Thompson Hall tower clock,[3] which had been installed in 1893.[4] TNH even offered student assistance with the electrical wiring.[3][4] NHC subsequently installed lights to illuminate the clock, which operates to this day.

In October 2011, The New Hampshire was awarded the Newspaper Pacemaker Award by the Associated Collegiate Press at the National College Media Convention in recognition of "general excellence and outstanding achievement from a college newspaper in a national competition" for its coverage of rising UNH tuition and related funding issues earlier that year.

The New Hampshire comprises the following staff, according to the organization's official constitution:

The newspaper is currently printed off-campus by Seacoast Media Group. Prior to the 2005-06 academic year, TNH was printed by Foster's Daily Democrat, part of Seacoast Newspapers, located in Stratham, New Hampshire.

The New Hampshire is presently divided into four sections: News, Arts, Opinion and Sports. While TNH infrequently uses a tabloid-style layout, often reserved for its annual freshman orientation issue, the majority, if not all, of the organization's other issues rely on a broadsheet layout.

Regular features in present editions of TNH include the "Index", which features a table of contents and weekly weather report; "Student Senate update", an overview of weekly meetings of the UNH Student Senate; and the current iteration of On the Spot segments consisting of one-on-one interviews with various students and faculty who have made a recent impact on the UNH community (not to be confused with the former On the Spot segment, which utilized a group of nine students answering an off-beat or humorous question).

In recent years, The New Hampshire has announced intentions to expand its digital presence, starting with the paper's "Digital First" initiative, kicked off on November 14, 2016 by then-Executive Editor Allison Bellucci.[5] Since then, the paper has increased its social media presence, updated its website, and launched the TNH Podcast Network in February 2019 to invite more student media content to UNH.[6] As of November 2019, the network has hosted two seasons of the basketball podcast "HoopCats".[7]

The newspaper is primarily funded through advertising revenue while also receiving a subsidy from the University of New Hampshire Student Activity Fee Committee (SAFC).