Sulochana (Ramayana)

Sulochana(Sanskrit: सुलोचना, lit. she whose eyes are beautiful) was daughter of the king of the serpents Vasuki, who is mentioned in the Indian epic Ramayana. She was married to Meghanada (Indrajit), who was the eldest son of Ravana, who defeated Indra, hence received his title.

In one of the Purana, the birth of Sulochna is mentioned. One day Lord Shiva took a bath and after the bath, Goddess Parvati was making him ready. She made him wear the tiger skin, rudra mala, and snakes. When she was tying the snake on Shiva’s hands, the snake was tied too hard that it dropped its two tears on the ground. These drops gave birth to two girls, Sunaina and Sulochana. The snake said that since it was his drops, the girls belonged to him and his Naga race. Parvati said that she was the one who accidentally tied the snake hard enough to give birth to the girls, hence she should have them. Both then asked Lord Shiva as to who should get the girls. Lord Shiva advises that since both were equally responsible, both of them should claim one girl and raise them.

Parvati took Sunaina, River Goddess Narmada came and requested that she would like to raise the girl, and would give her back when Sunaina is getting married. Narmada raised her and married off to King Janaka, who would later become Sita’s parents. The other girl, Sulochana, was taken by the Naga race and raised as one of their own, and later married her off to Meghnad, the son of Ravana.

In the ballad Meghnad Bodh Kavya, Prameela is said to be Indrajit's wife. So, it can reasonably be assumed that Sulochana was also known as Prameela.

Sulochana was very brave and exhibited this virtue when Meghanada, her husband, was going to war with Rama and his younger brother Lakshmana, she supported her husband by not crying and never stopped or requested to not to go to war.[clarification needed]

Her story has been the basis of many films, including Sati Sulochana (1921) directed by G.V. Sane. a silent film, followed by Sati Sulochana, 1934 Kannada film was the first Kannada language talkie film, also Sati Sulochana (1961 film) in Telugu starring N. T. Rama Rao. also in hindi film 'Sati Naag kanya' by Babubhai Mistri starring Vikram Gokhale and jaishree gadkar

The Ballad Of Sulochana is a favourite ballad of Marathi women, sung in most families. Noted Tamil scholar S. K. Ramarajan wrote a noted epyllion, Meganadham, the tragedy of Indrajit, known for its characterisation of Indrajit's wife Sulochana.