Shatby (Arabic: الشاطبيEl Shatby) is a neighborhood in Alexandria, Egypt.

The main Alexandria cemetery complex is in Shatby. It was designed by Sir Robert Lorimer in 1919.[1] It includes the Alexandria Military and War Memorial Cemetery, a Commonwealth War Cemetery that includes the graves of British and Empire service personnel who died in the First and Second World Wars.[2] 2,259 are from the First World War and 503 are from the Second World War.[2]

Also in the military cemetery is the Shatby Memorial, which commemorates 986 United Kingdom and British Empire service personnel who died at sea in the Mediterranean in the First World War and have no grave on land.[3] Most were killed in the sinking of troop ships or defensively armed merchant ships, including HMT Aragon, HMT Cameronia, HMT Leasowe Castle, HMT Osmanieh and SS Persia.[3]