R (programming language)

The dates and the location for the next useR! event is to be decided as of July 2022.

Although R is an open-source project, some companies provide commercial support and extensions.

# Transpose the matrix, multiply every element by 2, subtract 2 from each element in the matrix, and return the results to the terminal.# Create a new data.frame object that contains the data from a transposed z_matrix, with row names 'A' and 'B'# The data.frame column Z can be accessed using $Z, ['Z'], or [3] syntax, and the values are the same. # Access and then change the row.names attribute; can also be done using rownames()

The R language has built-in support for data modeling and graphics. The following example shows how R can easily generate and plot a linear model with residuals.

Diagnostic plots from plotting “model” (q.v. “plot.lm()” function). Notice the mathematical notation allowed in labels (lower left plot).
"Mandelbrot.gif" – graphics created in R with 14 lines of code in Example 2