Pangio is a genus of small Asian freshwater fish in the true loach family Cobitidae. In earlier taxonomic schemes it was known as Acanthophthalmus. The "kuhli loach" is well-known in the aquarium trade and commonly identified as P. kuhlii, but most individuals actually appear to be P. semicincta.[1]

The type species is Cobitis cinnamomea McClelland 1839, now known as Pangio pangia.[2]

These fish are best represented in Southeast Asia where all but five of the species live,[3][4] including the Greater Sunda Islands with sixteen species. The five species found outside Southeast Asia are from India and Myanmar.[3][5] They inhabit a wide range of mostly calm waters such as streams, swamps (often peat swamps) and backwaters, but there are also species in fast-flowing waters,[3] and one, P. bhujia, lives underground.[4]