Nahalat Shiv'a

Map of Nachalat Shiv'a Neighborhood, Jerusalem 1 Hillel Street 2 Ben Sira 3 Yafo 4 Shamai 5 Ben Yehuda 6 Generali B Kikar Tzion

Nahalat Shiv'a (Hebrew: נחלת שבעה) is a former courtyard neighborhood in Jerusalem, Israel. It was the third neighborhood built outside the Old City of Jerusalem in the 1860s. Today it is a crowded pedestrian promenade lined with sidewalk cafes. It is considered part of the larger Nachlaot neighborhood.

Nahalat Shiv'a was the third residential neighborhood built outside the city walls. It was founded in 1869 as a cooperative effort by seven Jerusalem families who pooled their funds to purchase the land and build homes. the actual process of the land buying there are 2 different stories yosef Rivlin's and Yoel Moshe Salomon's (יואל משה סלומון) Rivlin claimed he raised the money on a trip to russia in 1859 while solomon claimed it was his idea [1] Lots were cast and founder Yosef Rivlin won the right to build the first house in the neighborhood.[2] In 1873, milk cows were imported from Amsterdam and a dairy was opened in Nahalat Shiv'a. A carriage service to Jaffa Gate was inaugurated that summer.[3]

On October 9, 1994, Hamas carried out a shooting spree in Nahalat Shiv'a, using two Palestinian Authority policemen defectors.[4] Two people were killed and 16 wounded. Ma'ayan Levy, 19, and Samir Mugrabi, 35, were killed in the attack.[5]