Muhnot Nainsi

Muhnot Nainsi (1610–1670)[1] is known for his studies of the region now encompassed by the state of Rajasthan in India.

He was a contemporary of Maharaja Jaswant Singh Rathor of Marwar.[2] Early in his professional career, Nainsi was appointed successively as the hakim (administrative head) of various parganas in Marwar.[2] The extensive, first-hand knowledge he collected of the region informed his later writings.[2] In 1658, he was appointed dewan of Marwar, in which position he served until 1666.[2][3] The literary works he is most known for are Marwar Ra Pargana Ri Vigat and Nainsi Ri Khyat.[4]

Khyat written by it is famous as 'Khyat of Nainasi'. Apart from Colonel Tad, all the historians here have used it in some form or the other. The usefulness of the fame and its importance is evident from the fact that Gaurishankar Ojha wrote praising it that if this fame had become available to Colonel Tad, his 'Rajasthan' would have been of some other way. This book was edited in two parts (Hindi translation) by Ramnarayan Dugad and published in 1982 by Kashi Nagari Pracharini Sabha. In the original Rajasthani, this book was edited by Badri Prasad Sakaria and published in four parts from Rajasthan Oriental Vidya Pratishthan Jodhpur till 967. In this repute, Nainasi has written the history of the dynasties of almost all the princely states of Rajasthan. In it, the history of Sisodio, Rathores and Bhatis is written in greater detail. By giving the lineage of the first dynasty, later achievements of each ruler have been taken under the title 'Baat' like 'Baat Rao Jodha Ri' etc. Muhnot was alive till Nainasi Samvat 1727, so only mention of events up to the early 18th century in Khyat. In this, the genealogy and culture up to the 13th century cannot be said to be so authentic, but the events and events after that are considered reliable. Nainasi has also given the names of the people with whose help he compiled the famous material. Khyat's language is Taksali Rajasthani, in which some Arabic-Persian words are also used. These texts are also full of information related to the Rajput caste of Rajasthan, its social structure, conflict with invaders, caste-system religious beliefs, geographical location and cultural environment.

Another notable text by Nainasi is 'Marwar ra Pargana ri Vigat' (An Account of the Districts of Marwar), which describes in detail the seven parganas under Maharaja Jaswant Singh (I), a gazetteer[5] of Marwar. In which the history of each pargana is given at the beginning and then by summarizing the different income etc. of the villages of Khalsa and Jagir, its line with the geographical location of each village under the pargana, income of five years and yield of the village Specific things etc. are also mentioned. It also mentions the population of villages and the means of drinking water according to caste. This book is a very authentic source of social, economic, political, cultural and administrative material of Marwar. Dr. Narayan Singh Bhati, first edited this book in three parts (19–4) with a detailed role and published it from Rajasthani Oriental Vidya Pratishthan, Jodhpur.