Monoid (category theory)

In category theory, a branch of mathematics, a monoid (or monoid object, or internal monoid, or algebra) (M, μ, η) in a monoidal category (C, ⊗, I) is an object M together with two morphisms

commute. In the above notation, 1 is the identity morphism of M, I is the unit element and α, λ and ρ are respectively the associativity, the left identity and the right identity of the monoidal category C.

Dually, a comonoid in a monoidal category C is a monoid in the dual category Cop.

Suppose that the monoidal category C has a symmetry γ. A monoid M in C is commutative when μ o γ = μ.

Given two monoids (M, μ, η) and (M', μ', η') in a monoidal category C, a morphism f : MM ' is a morphism of monoids when

The category of monoids in C and their monoid morphisms is written MonC.[1]