Marres (Georgian: მარები marebi) — an ancient Colchian tribe, entered ancient history with the writings of Hecataeus of Miletus. He gives a brief description of the tribe and mentions that they lived between closely akin ancient Georgian tribal groups Macrones and Mossynoeci. They inhabited southeast periphery of the Black Sea, more precisely - mountains of Northeast Anatolia, which constitutes (Along with South Caucasus) the proposed homeland of the Ancient Georgian peoples and the convergent territory in which they were molded into nation. According to Herodotus, they had the same leader as Colchians (who were the larger entity created through a process of political consolidation and amalgamation of Ancient Georgian tribes). After the rapid rise of Achaemenid Empire, they were incorporated into the XIX Satrapy, along with other Georgian tribes - Mushki, Tibareni, Macrones and Mossynoeci.