Marcellus of Capua

Marcellus of Capua was a third- or fourth-century martyr[1] who was inserted in the General Roman Calendar in the 13th century. He is recognized as a saint by the Catholic Church, with 7 October as his feast day.[2]

Untrustworthy legends associated him with a Saint Apuleius, which led to them being mentioned together in some editions of the Roman Martyrology,[3] but the name of Apuleius has been removed from that official list of saints of the Catholic Church,[4] as without historical foundation.[5]

In the Tridentine Calendar, Marcellus was commemorated with Apuleius and two other saints on 7 October, the feast day of Pope Mark. In 1716, this day became the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, and the commemoration of Marcellus and Apuleius was moved to 8 October. Marcellus were restored to 7 October in 1969 and Apuleius was expunged.