2. Be aware of the reality that life ends; death comes for everyone; Impermanence.
3. Recall that whatever you do, whether virtuous or not, has a result; Karma.
Slogan 2. Regard all dharmas as dreams; although experiences may seem solid, they are passing memories.
Slogan 5. Rest in the nature of alaya, the essence, the present moment.
Slogan 7. Sending and taking should be practiced alternately. These two should ride the breath (i.e., practice Tonglen).

Point Three: Transformation of Bad Circumstances into the Way of Enlightenment

Slogan 11. When the world is filled with evil, transform all mishaps into the path of bodhi.
The four practices are: accumulating merit, laying down evil deeds, offering to the dons, and offering to the dharmapalas.
The 5 strengths are: strong determination, familiarization, the positive seed, reproach, and aspiration.
Slogan 19. All dharma agrees at one point—All Buddhist teachings are about lessening the ego, lessening one's self-absorption.
Slogan 20. Of the two witnesses, hold the principal one—You know yourself better than anyone else knows you
Slogan 22. If you can practice even when distracted, you are well trained.
Slogan 23. Always abide by the three basic principles—Dedication to your practice, refraining from outrageous conduct, developing patience.
Slogan 24. Change your attitude, but remain natural—Reduce ego clinging, but be yourself.
Slogan 25. Don't talk about injured limbs—Don't take pleasure contemplating others' defects.
Slogan 26. Don't ponder others—Don't take pleasure contemplating others' weaknesses.
Slogan 27. Work with the greatest defilements first—Work with your greatest obstacles first.
Slogan 28. Abandon any hope of fruition—Don't get caught up in how you will be in the future, stay in the present moment.
Slogan 32. Don't wait in ambush—Don't wait for others' weaknesses to show to attack them.
Slogan 33. Don't bring things to a painful point—Don't humiliate others.
Slogan 34. Don't transfer the ox's load to the cow—Take responsibility for yourself.
Slogan 36. Don't act with a twist—Do good deeds without scheming about benefiting yourself.
Slogan 37. Don't turn gods into demons—Don't use these slogans or your spirituality to increase your self-absorption
Slogan 45. Take on the three principal causes: the teacher, the dharma, the sangha.
Slogan 46. Pay heed that the three never wane: gratitude towards one's teacher, appreciation of the dharma (teachings) and correct conduct.
Slogan 48. Train without bias in all areas. It is crucial always to do this pervasively and wholeheartedly.
Slogan 51. This time, practice the main points: others before self, dharma, and awakening compassion.
Slogan 55. Liberate yourself by examining and analyzing: Know your own mind with honesty and fearlessness.