List of A Certain Magical Index characters

The main characters of A Certain Magical Index (from top to bottom): Tōma Kamijō, Index (top); Accelerator, Mikoto Misaka, and Shiage Hamazura (bottom) with Academy City (background)

The following is a list of characters from A Certain Magical Index light novel, manga and anime series, and its side-story manga and anime series titled A Certain Scientific Railgun and A Certain Scientific Accelerator. The series primarily takes place in Academy City, a city filled with students who strived to become powerful espers and were brought into conflict by the appearance of sorcerers.

(献身的な子羊は強者の知識を守る, Kenshinteki na Kohitsuji wa Kyōsha no Chishiki o Mamoru) (聖ジョージの聖域 (セントじょーじのせいいき), Seinto Jōji no Seīki, "Sanctuary of St. George") (竜王の殺息 (ドラゴンブレス), Doragon Buresu, "Killing Breath of the Dragon King")
She is often elated by a variety of things and is slightly ignorant and curious about modern technology. She usually is gentle and polite with people and has a kind nature, but is also a selfish spoiled brat when together with Tōma. She is also abusive towards him and hypocritical in nature, chiding him for doing things she doesn't like, yet does the same things herself. She constantly jumps to conclusions without learning the circumstances first and constantly punishes Toma, wrongfully, by biting him or starting arguments with him, much to his confusion and exasperation. She also has a large appetite and uses any excuse to get food from anyone and likes watching an anime series called Magical Powered Kanamin. She has strong feelings towards Tōma and even confessed her love after hearing Tōma lost his memories because of her; however, he avoided answering by changing the theme of the talk since he has no idea about what kind of feelings he used to have with Index.
In New Testament, Index eventually reunites with Tōma when he reappears in Academy City after the events of the Third World War.
(超電磁砲 (レールガン), Chō-Denjihō (Rērugan), lit. "Super Electromagnetic Cannon")
Accelerator's unique ability makes him the subject of an experiment attempting to create the first Level 6 esper: according to the city's best supercomputer, Tree Diagram (which was unprecedentedly destroyed by Index's Dragon Breath), this feat could only be achieved by killing Misaka Mikoto, the Railgun, 128 times without a single failure. Since it was impossible to procure 128 Railguns, an alternative plan was formed to "level up" Accelerator by having him kill 20,000 skilled Level 3 espers: the Misaka clones. He willingly joins the experiment to gain a reputation as the most powerful and feared esper so that no one would be foolish enough to challenge him. His desire to achieve this goal leads him to kill many who got in his way. Mikoto tries to stop the experiment to save her sisters, but it is Tōma who finally does so and defeats Accelerator after discovering his weakness: Accelerator was physically weak because of his total reliance on his powers and his overconfidence in his esper abilities. Therefore, Tōma beat him with his Imagine Breaker and street-fighting skills.
After his defeat in volume three of the light novels, he reappears in the fifth novel where his past was also revealed. He was taken to Academy City at a young age when his powers were first discovered but because of the lack of understanding of his powers, people fear him and in some cases tried to kill him. Due to the many attempts on his life and the numerous experiments performed on him, these events shaped Accelerator into a sadist and made it difficult for him to trust anyone except for Kikyou Yoshikawa, the only scientist who ever cared about him and saved his life. He also takes a more heroic and fatherly role by protecting a young girl named Last Order, the last Misaka clone who believes through the memories of the Sister clones who fought him that Accelerator is not a bad person and actually never wanted to hurt the clones but tried to merely intimidate them into not fighting him, a theory Accelerator dismisses. In the aftermath of the incident, Accelerator is shot in the head by Ao Amai and acquires aphasia due to brain damage. The injury also affects his ability but Heaven Canceller jury-rigs a choker-like device to his brain, allowing Accelerator to tap into the Misaka Network to make up for his injury and function normally. He can also switch the transmitter to full power, restoring his ability for a maximum of 15 minutes in the beginning, but the time is later extended to 30 minutes by an update to the device. Toward the end of volume 13, Accelerator begins to "awaken" after nearly being killed by Amata Kihara and his aphasia is somehow temporarily cured. He truly "awakens" in volume 15, gaining black wings when fighting another "awakened" level 5, Teitoku Kakine. In the events of the 19th novel, he meets Aiwass, a higher dimensional being, summoned to their plane of existence. Aiwass explains to him when AIM entities like him are manifested, Last Order is heavily strained and may die if left untreated. To help Last Order, who has collapsed from sustaining Aiwass, Accelerator follows Aiwass's advice and heads to Russia during World War III in search of Index, unaware that he has met her before.
In Russia, after being ambushed by Russian mages, he acquires the "Goatskin", a mysterious document sought after by both Academy City and the Russian government that has the knowledge about the Archangels and Heaven, and later runs into a Misaka Worst clone, learning that Aleister intends to eliminate Last Order, now obsolete to create a new Misaka network. Despite being more powerful than Misaka Worst, Accelerator is unable to bring himself to harm another Sister clone after the Level 6 experiment and becomes mentally unstable after the clone attempts to kill Last Order and later tries to kill herself. Accelerator goes on a rampage until Tōma arrives where he turns his frustration regarding Last Order's condition onto Tōma and a fight ensues between the two. After Accelerator is defeated again, Tōma uses his Imagine Breaker to stabilize Last Order and leaves a note informing him of Index's true whereabouts. Later, he joins forces with Elizarinian soldiers and Misaka Worst to find spies in their country and fought Archangel Gabriel along with Hyōka, where after studying the Goatskin, he learns to understand the angel's language and turning himself into an angel as a side effect. With his new powers, he is able to decode one of Index's songs and was finally able to cure Last Order but is injured in the process.
After the Third World War, Accelerator is given his freedom with the help of Shiage, after he threatens the Academy City's administration to leave him, Last Order, and Misaka Worst alone and orders them to stop all illegal black projects in the city. However, both he and Shiage actions anger a new group of espers called the "Freshmen" who are aware of the existences of Magic and sees them as an obstacle in Academy City's war against the Magic factions. After being helped by Tōma and Leivinia Birdway, the latter invites him to join the world of Magic and involved in an operation in Hawaii.
At the end of Coronzon story arc, Accelerator received a master code list for Academy City, and the full authority of the Board Chairman from the dying Aleister Crowley, become the new Board Chairman of Academy City.
During the 15th novel, Team ITEM is involved in a war between the various underground organization where Shiage helps them by providing transport by stealing cars around the city. But when Team ITEM is defeated by Team SCHOOL led by its leader, Teitoku Kakine, Shizuri Mugino, the leader of Team ITEM, wants revenge for being humiliated no matter what and forces an injured Rikō to use her powers to find Teitoku despite the fact that repeated use of her powers will kill her. In order to save Rikō, Shiage fights against Shizuri and despite the odds, he manages to defeat Shizuri by using her pride and powers against her. However, this unexpected incident becomes a thorn in Aleister's plans as there was no way Shiage could defeat Shizuri as she is a Level 5. Seeing him as an unpredictable anomaly that will disrupt his future plans, Aleister puts a bounty on Shiage and orders the forces of Academy City's dark side to kill him. Ironically, he is saved by Shizuri, who survived their battle and now has a sense of twisted love for him (declaring she will castrate him as her sign of affection). She lets him and Rikō escape Academy City by stealing a jet and shoots down his pursuers, declaring that he is her prey and hers alone.
Shiage and Rikō escape to Russia only to find themselves in a war between Academy City and Russia. After being saved by Acqua of the Rear, Shiage and Rikō head to the nation of Elizarina where Rikō is partially healed by Accelerator and aids Acqua. In order to protect a document called the Kremlin Report, Shiage and Rikō head towards the same nuclear military base that Mikoto went to while they were being chased by Academy City forces and later Shizuri. However, Shizuri collapses from over-exhaustion as her fragile body is suffering from the effects of using too much Body Crystal, a dangerous drug that Rikō uses to activate her powers. Unable to see her this way, Shiage begs Shizuri to let go of her pride and see reason and be the Shizuri that use to care for her teammates which strokes a cord within her and makes peace with him as she protects him and Rikō from the rest of the invading Academy City forces. After capturing a member of the Board of Directors who led the Academy City forces and torturing him, he reveals to Shiage a document called the Parameter List, which reveals that the Academy City administration has been secretly interfering with the Power Curriculum Program and preventing most of the city's students from gaining or raising their powers.
After the Third World War, Shiage is given amnesty and the assassination order on him removed thanks to Accelerator and makes a deal with the Academy City's administration, where he will not expose the truth about the Parameter List and he, along with Rikō and Shizuri is allowed to return to Academy City to reform Team ITEM. However, his and Accelerator's actions have made them enemies with a new group of espers called the "Freshmen" who is aware of the existence of Magic who sees both of them as an obstacle in Academy City's war against the Magic factions. After Tōma and Leivinia help him and Accelerator against the "Freshmen", Tōma introduces them to the world of Magic and involved in an operation in Hawaii.
( 肉体再生 (オートリバース), Nikutai Saisei (Ōto Ribāsu), lit. "Body Regeneration")Voiced by: Yoshihisa Kawahara (Japanese); Scott Freeman (Seasons 1-2, Railgun S, Movie), Patrick McAlister (Season 3, Railgun T) (English)
Pierce Aogami is one of Tōma Kamijō's best friends and classmates. His real name is unknown but his admirers address him as "BLAU". He calls Tōma "Kami-yan". Pierce is surprisingly the class representative despite not doing any classwork related to his position. He is a funny individual and notices Tōma's misfortunes, but he confesses about being a pervert, lolicon, masochist and other fetishes, and enjoys being punished by Komoe Tsukuyomi. Pierce is frequently seen with Motoharu Tsuchimikado but if Tōma is included then they form the "Idiot Trio" of their class because they have the lowest test scores and often are required to attend their remedial lessons, although he mentions that he purposely failed his tests for Komoe's punishment. He is questioned by the authorities for the 43rd time in the current year, experiencing the latest one from Mī Konori and Kuroko Shirai. Tōma once acknowledged his powerful nature despite being dumb.
Seiri Fukiyose is Tōma Kamijō's classmate and Aisa Himegami's best friend. She has a big forehead and large breasts, but she is described as a "pretty but lacks sex appeal" character. Seiri is often seen taking over the class representative's role from Pierce Aogami. She shows hatred towards people, like Tōma, who gave up on their lives and put blame on their misfortunes, yet she secretly has a crush on him but she acts tsundere when she accompanied him. Seiri is a health product freak due to her frequent ordering of different health products from shopping channels. Her esper power is still unknown.
( 吸血殺し (ディープブラッド), Kyūketsu Goroshi (Dīpu Buraddo), lit. "Vampire Killer")
Seria Kumokawa is a genius, third-year student, and Maria Kumokawa's sister. She has shoulder-length hair and ample bosom and is usually seen wearing the school-issued sailor uniform that showed her navel between the blouse and skirt. Seria works for Tsugutoshi Kaizumi as his advisor and leads the Use of Force Unit. Seria knows Tōma Kamijō even before his memory loss and shows regret about having limited control over his frequent involvement in dangerous situations. She has a deep emotional attachment for him, causing a rift between her and Misaki Shokuhō. Seria does not have special powers yet her skills can rival Misaki's Mental Out ability as she defeats her opponents using intelligence and psychology.
Aiho Yomikawa is a PE teacher and Komoe Tsukuyomi's friend. She ties her long hair in a ponytail and is always seen wearing a green jersey that outlined her large breasts. She is known to end her sentences with 'jan'. Aiho is an officer of Anti-Skill, where her colleagues called her "the woman who makes the serious comical" due to her habit of subduing delinquents with protective gears like riot shields and helmets. Aiho becomes a guardian for Accelerator and Last Order after Kikyō Yoshikawa asked a favor to take care of the two children.
Suama Oyafune is a math teacher and Monaka Oyafune's daughter. She shows an obsession with her beauty as she takes multiple baths a day, puts on lotion before going to bed, eats breakfast every day, keeps her weight in check, spends her morning hours putting on makeup, and buys Western clothes from shopping channels.
Saigo is the teacher in charge of counseling students. He is summoned by Suama Oyafune using a whistle when she wanted her misbehaving students to be "counseled". Saigo is mistaken for Acqua of the Back by Itsuwa when she saw him chasing after Tōma Kamijō.

Nagatenjōki Academy (長点上機学園, Nagatenjouki Gakuen) is one of the top five most prestigious schools in Academy City, where Accelerator attended. Unlike Tokiwadai Middle School, the school's admission is open for both espers and normal students with no powers. Last year, Nagatenjōki Academy defeated Tokiwadai Middle School at Daihasei Festival.

Shinobu Nunotaba is a former third-year high school student and a researcher who designed the machine called "Testament" for the Radio Noise Project (or Sisters Project). She adherently wears a gothic lolita clothes aside from her school uniform and lab coat. Shinobu has her trademark fish-like eyes but they do not appear in the anime adaptation of the character.
In the Sisters Arc, Shinobu is reassigned in the Level 6 Shift Project when Mikoto Misaka's clones from the Radio Noise Project were reused for it. After she conversed with one of the clones, Shinobu's perspective about their purpose changes. This causes her to quit the project and plan on stopping it by distributing cash cards in alleyways where the experiment would take place. Shinobu is last seen in this arc being taken down by Saiai Kinuhata when she infiltrated one of the laboratories involved in the project to install an emotion program throughout the Misaka Network.
( 油性兵装 (ミリタリーオイル), Yusei Heisō (Miritarī Oiru), lit. "Oil-based Armament")

Tokiwadai Middle School (常盤台中学, Tokiwadai Chūgaku) is an elite girl's middle school and one of the five prestigious schools in Academy City, which was located in District 7's School Garden. It is the school that Mikoto Misaka and Misaki Shokuhō attended. The school's admission requires espers to be a Level 3 or higher.

Kuroko is officially debuted in the eighth volume of A Certain Magical Index light novel series when she investigated a robbery and discovered Mikoto's involvement in the incident. She gets injured by Awaki Musujime during their fight in a restaurant, but she is later saved by Tōma and Mikoto before Awaki can unleash an enormous teleported mass on her. After the events surrounding the Tree Diagram Remnant story arc in this volume, Kuroko is confined to a wheelchair for some time because of the injuries she sustained from the battle.
( 心理掌握 (メンタルアウト), Shinri Shōaku (Mentaru Auto), lit. "Psychological Control")
Misaki is involved in the Exterior Project that would greatly boost her power by cultivating a cut portion of her brain's cerebral cortex. She is then requested by researchers of the Clone Dolly Project to act as Dolly's missing friend aliased "Mi-chan" by altering her memories that would make Misaki the friend in her mind. Misaki eventually learns about the researchers' plan of disposing of her upon the Exterior's completion. She decides to brainwash the scientists involved in the project and take over the building.
In the Ichihanaran Festival story arc, Misaki prevents Mikoto Misaka from taking a trial enrollment in Tōma's high school by making mind-controlled individuals chase after her. She then competes in a swimsuit contest against Seria Kumokawa. In the Agitate Halation story arc, Misaki helps Tōma in finding the magician who infiltrated the School Garden. She later joins Tōma in London along with Mikoto as he confronts the Golden Dawn magic cabal during the Coronzon story arc. Misaki is heavily involved in the Kamijō story arc as she becomes mentally unstable due to her confusion between Tōma's doppelganger, who could remember her, and the real one, who retained the brain damage that prevented him from remembering or making memories with her. Misaki is last seen in a hospital where she was confined because of the injuries she sustained from her fight against Anna Sprengel to acquire the vaccine for a dying Tōma.
( 水流操作 (ハイドロハンド), Suiryū Sōsa (Haidoro Hando), lit. "Water Current Manipulation")
Kinuho has a small cameo in the sixteenth volume of New Testament: A Certain Magical Index light novel series when she joined an expedition to destroy the Crystal Tower that guided the Elements creatures. Kinuho briefly converses with Tōma Kamijō but she immediately runs away from him due to her shyness.
( 流体反発 (フロートダイヤル), Ryūtai Hanpatsu (Furōto Daiyaru), lit. "Fluid Repulsion") ( 天衣装着 (ランペイジドレス), Ten'i Souchaku (Ranpeijidoresu), lit. "Heavenly Garment Equipping") ( 心理穿孔 (メンタルスティンガー), Shinri Senkō (Mentaru Sutingā), lit. "Psychological Perforation") ( 波動操作 (ウェイブコンダクター), Hadō Sōsa (Weibu Kondakutā), lit. "Wave Manipulation")
Iruka serves as one of the antagonists in A Certain Scientific Railgun: Astral Buddy manga series until she reconciles with Junko Hokaze, whom she revered since their first meeting back in the Ideal lab. She later teams up with Junko to foil Ayu Mitsuari's plan and save Senya Yūri. She eventually finds Gunha Sogīta a rival to her affection for Junko upon his arrival in their fight against Seigo Houjou.
( 感情音叉 (ウィスパーベル), Kanjō Onsa (Uisupā Beru), lit. "Emotional Tuning Fork")
Komaki Makigami is Kuroko Shirai's colleague at Judgment 3 Branch Office and a member of Misaki Shokuhō's clique. She is at least a Level 3 esper with an optical control-related ability that allowed herself and objects she preferred to become invisible to the naked eye but she needs to move quietly since making sounds can give away her location.
Kiyoshi Kessai is a first-year student one year before the events of the main storyline and member of Reiri Hasekura's clique. She becomes the roommate of Mikoto Misaka, whom she addressed as 'Mikoto-chan', before Kuroko Shirai's eventual takeover.
Reiri Hasekura is a third-year student one year before the events of the main storyline and the leader of one of the oldest of the "big three" cliques before the popularity of Misaki Shokuhō's clique.
Nagisa Mikagami is a third-year student one year before the events of the main storyline and the leader of one of the "big three" cliques before the rise of Misaki Shokuhō's clique. She is at least a Level 3 esper with an oil control-related ability that allowed her to manipulate the target's oil content. Nagisa uses her ability to reward her clique members with the most contribution by manipulating their body fats to enhance their bust or slim them down.
Danshan Sha is a second-year student one year before the events of the main storyline and the leader of the largest of the "big three" cliques before Misaki Shokuhō's clique takes over, earning her the nickname "Infirmary Empress". Her leadership helps the school to become one of the top five schools in Academy City.
( 有機探査 (カーボンサーチ), Yūki Tansa (Kābon Sāchi), lit. "Organic Exploration")Voiced by: Shizuka Okohira (Index), Hitomi Nabatame (Railgun) (Japanese); Cynthia Cranz (English)
The Tokiwadai Dorm Supervisor is the unnamed housemaster of the dormitory that Mikoto Misaka and Kuroko Shirai resided. She strictly enforces the rules for all residences and has zero tolerance for violators, becoming feared among the students. She is also a volunteer caretaker for the Child Errors in Asunaro Park, where she showed her great affection towards children instead of her usual scary and fearsome nature.
Watanabe is an elderly teacher of the school and an acquaintance of Komoe. She prevents the festival committee from recruiting Mikoto Misaka to demonstrate in the opening ceremony of the Daihasei Festival because of the rumors she got involved. Watanabe is later brainwashed by Misaki Shokuhō to escort Mikoto in her clique.

Kirigaoka Girls' Academy (霧ヶ丘女学院, Kirigaoka Jogakuin) is an all-girls academy and one of the prestigious schools in Academy City, housing the middle school, high school, and college facilities. It is located near the Elementary Particle Engineering Laboratory at District 18. The school's admission is only opened to espers with rare and unique powers.

( 正体不明 (カウンターストップ), Shōtai Fumei (Kauntā Sutoppu), lit. "Unknown Identity")
Awaki officially debuts in the eighth volume of A Certain Magical Index light novel series as the antagonist of the Tree Diagram Remnant story arc. She is hired by an outside organization called "Science Association" to retrieve the remnants of the Tree Diagram. Awaki tells Kuroko during their fight in a restaurant about her plan of testing animals to see if they can receive esper powers. She breaks down after Kuroko rebuked her reasoning in going with this plan and teleports a huge amount of mass on her. A fleeing Awaki is defeated by Accelerator as he destroys the suitcase containing the remnants. She is later coerced to join team GROUP for her captured comrades' safety. During the Battle Royale story arc, Awaki shockingly hears a plan of using her captured friends in District 10's Reformatory as a bargaining chip in exchange for her assistance to help the mercenaries infiltrate the Windowless Building. She then successfully defeats Megumi Teshio after she overcame her past trauma to use her power against her.
Voiced by: Miyu Tomita[4] (Japanese); Rachel Michelle Thompson (English) ( 液化人影 (リキッドシャドウ), Ekika Hitokage (Rikiddo Shadō), lit. "Liquefaction Figure")

Sakugawa Middle School (柵川中学校, Sakugawa Chūgakukō) is a co-ed middle school in Academy City located at District 7, where the two protagonists of A Certain Scientific Railgun manga and anime series were enrolled.

(定温保存 (サーマルハンド), Teion Hozon (Sāmaru Hando), lit. "Fixed Temperature Preservation")
Ruiko is a first-year student and Kazari's close friend. She is a Level 0 esper yet she has shown a low-level version of Mitsuko's ability when she managed to move leaves on her palm by a small gust of wind after she used the Level Upper. Ruiko loses her power at the end of the Level Upper story arc but she shows no remorse anymore as she learns to appreciate her current state. She shamelessly teases Kazari by flipping her skirt in public and loves to read urban legends.
Ruiko has a small cameo in the fifteenth volume of New Testament: A Certain Magical Index light novel series when she dragged Kazari away from a mob for safety and passed by Tōma in a Bunny Grey costume.
Banri is a Child Error and transfer student who became Harumi's valued student. She possesses telepathic ability as she can telepathically communicate with Erī. Banri is in a coma when she was found by Harumi and Heaven Canceller. She is later saved by Mikoto and her friends from Therestina, who planned to use her and other children for an experiment involving Body Crystals. She regains consciousness and reunites with her teacher. During the Silent Party story arc, Banri moves in Erī's dormitory.
Daigo is Kazari and Ruiko's teacher, whom the Tokiwadai Dorm Supervisor has shown her affection. He facilitates the transfer of Erī to Kazari's dormitory. Daigo is also a volunteer caretaker for the Child Errors in Asunaro Park, where he fell in love with its principal named Kazuko Shigenomori.

Ryōran Maid School (繚乱家政女学校, Ryōran Kasei Jogakkō) is a girls' home economics school in Academy City where students received training to become maids.

Maika is Motoharu's stepsister whom he picked up from an orphanage outside Academy City. She is always seen wearing a maid attire and sitting atop of a cleaning robot that kept on spinning, but she shows no signs of dizziness. Maika has a friendly relationship with Tōma and Index and is also friends with Mikoto and Kuroko as she does maid-related work in Tokiwadai Middle School. Maika lives in her school dormitory but she usually stays in her stepbrother's room to serve him like cooking his meals. She likes to read books about an older brother falling in love with his younger sister.
(暴風車軸 (バイオレンスドーナツ), Bōfū Shajiku (Baiorensu Dōnatsu), lit. "Windstorm Axle")

Sekisho Junior High School (関所中学校, Sekisho chūgakkō) is one of the middle schools located in Academy City.

(視覚阻害 (ダミーチェック), Shikaku Sogai (Damī Chekku), lit. "Visual Inhibition") (透視系能力 (クレアボイアンス), Tōshi Nōryoku (Kureaboiansu), lit. "See-through Ability") (念動砲弾 (アタッククラッシュ), Nendō Hōdan (Atakku Kurasshu), lit. "Telekinesis Cannonball")
Gunha is introduced in A Certain Magical Index SS2 light novel series when he saved a student named Yabumi Haratani from a group of Skill-Outs. He later rebukes Ollerus for being gutless after the latter defeated Misaka #10032 and other Sisters. In the Daihasei Festival story arc, Gunha and Tōma work together to save an unstable Mikoto from becoming a Level 6.
In New Testament: A Certain Magical Index light novel series, Gunha is present during the riot of "heroes" in the Learning Core and becomes concerned about the burning of trees caused by their actions. During the Magic God Othinus story arc, he receives an email with orders to kill Tōma and Othinus. Gunha ignores it as he finds it gutless.
(人的資源 (アジテートハレーション), Jinteki Shigen (Ajitēto Harēshon), lit. "Human Resources")
Kakeru is formally introduced in the fourteenth volume of New Testament: A Certain Magical Index light novel series when he met Tōma and Othinus, who both went grocery shopping. Their meeting is interrupted by fighting between the Birdway sisters over their resolution on the Sample Shoggoth infection. In the Salome story arc, he enrolls in an unnamed high school that Tōma's class used as a temporary facility due to their school's destruction from the hands of Magic God High Priest. Kakeru is later banished to the "new world" after Yuītsu severed his right hand and used it against him. He is eventually rescued by Tōma, Fran, and Luca, and reunites with his Kamisato Faction before they prepare to leave the city.
Tsuzuri is a teacher and member of Anti-Skill, who often partnered with Aiho. She has wavy, green hair that she tied in a ponytail and wears eyeglasses. Tsuzuri shows clumsiness at work, which resulted in her being reprimanded by Aiho. She is a fan of the arcade beat 'em up game titled "Gekisho".

Level 5 is currently the highest esper level in Academy City. There are currently seven Level 5s out of 2.3 million espers who participated in the Power Curriculum Program. An esper's promotion to Level 5 is approved by the Board of Directors. The Level 5s are ranked based on their worth to Aleister's plan rather than their test of strength. According to the Tree Diagram simulation, Accelerator is currently the only Level 5 esper that could achieve Level 6. Tōma can fight or interact with all Level 5s.

Skill-Out is an armed group of Level 0s who often used various means of fighting espers to compensate their lack of powers.

(武装無能力集団 (スキルアウト), Munouryoku Shuudan (Sukiru Auto), lit., "Armed Powerless Group")
Ritoku is the leader of Skill-Out in District 7 and the guardian of Fremea before his death at the hands of Accelerator. He is well-known for his gorilla-like appearance and wears a black leather jacket. He is generally an honorable person as he encourages his fellow Skill-Outs to not engage in prostitution as a source of money and violently attack espers, except for those who actively misused their powers.
In the Skill-Out story arc, Ritoku devises a plan to target espers on his hit list by disabling Academy City's communication network because of an increased number of esper's unreasonable attacks against Level 0s. This catches the attention of the Board of Directors, who tasked Team GROUP to eliminate him and his Skill-Out operation.
Hanzō is the current leader of Skill-Out and a ninja descendant. During the Battle Royale story arc, he saves Shiage from being beaten by a group of thugs and hands him over a gun. Hanzō later meets him again, who defeated Shizuri in a plant refinery facility using that gun and invites him back to Skill-Out as their rightful leader. In the first volume of the New Testament: A Certain Magical Index light novel series, he takes over Ritoku's role as Fremea's guardian and protects her against Freshmen's attacks.
Wataru is an anime-only character introduced in the first season of A Certain Scientific Railgun anime series, who founded a Skill-Out faction called "Big Spider". He is well-known for his large spider tattoo on his back's right side hidden by his black leather jacket, and always seen carrying and drinking Musashino Milk. Wataru is presumed dead for two years after he tried to save Tsuguo but he is alive and has been incarcerated for that time. Upon his release, he discovers that his group became a ruthless gang and plans to dissolve it.
Tsuguo is the last leader of Big Spider before its disbandment. He takes over Wataru's name and role after his presumed death, and allows Big Spider to stock up weapons and attack innocent people, straying from the ways of the group's original incarnation. Tsuguo also acquires a machine that could disrupt espers' powers called "Capacity Down".

Sisters (妹達 (シスターズ), Imōto-tachi (Shisutāzu), lit. "Little Sisters") is the collective term for Mikoto's clones produced by the Radio Noise Project (also known as Sisters Project). They are Level 2 or 3 espers with an ability called Radio Noise that allowed them to generate at least 50,000 V of electricity but it cannot track electrons, therefore they use special goggles instead. This ability also turns their brainwaves into electric signals, allowing them to share their thoughts and memories within their communication network called "Misaka Network". The Sisters are quiet and emotionless as they speak monotonously in third person narrative while ending their sentences with a description of themselves. Since the termination of their projects, the clones eventually develop self-esteem and individuality and begin showing feelings towards Tōma as they share their memories with him throughout the network.

(欠陥電気 (レディオノイズ), Kekkan Denki (Redio Noizu), lit. "Flawed Electricity")

The Sisters are originally produced as efficient Level 5 combat clones for the military but the project result shows that they only achieved Level 2 or 3 instead. The clones are then reused in the Level 6 Shift Project as experimental subjects needed for Accelerator's shift into Level 6 by killing them. In the third volume of A Certain Magical Index light novel series, 10,031 clones have been killed in the experiment until Tōma and Mikoto intervene to stop the project, saving the last subject (Misaka #10032) before its termination. At the end of the Sisters story arc, the remaining 9,959 clones are sent to research facilities around the world for the readjustment of their body's life span while 10 clones stay in Academy City under Heaven Canceller's care.

During the Sisters story arc, Misaka #10032 is the latest clone targeted by Accelerator for his experiment but their fight is interrupted by Tōma. She then provides him assistance for defeating Accelerator after his words about self-worth reflected her. After the termination of the Level 6 Shift Project, Misaka #10032 becomes one of the 10 clones who remained in Academy City for body readjustment. She begins showing her feelings towards Tōma and later receives a heart-shaped necklace from him to differentiate her from Mikoto, which she greatly treasured.
In the Three Stories story arc, Last Order follows Accelerator as he goes back to his apartment. She is infected by a virus inputted by Ao but she is later saved by Accelerator. In the Academy City Invasion story arc, she and Accelerator are discharged from Heaven Canceller's hospital, and put under Aiho's care. After she played tag with Misaka #10032 over her goggles, Last Order is abducted by Amata and is inputted with another virus that would activate Hyōka's angel mode. During the DRAGON story arc, she falls ill after Aiwass manifested in front of Team GROUP. Accelerator and Last Order then arrive in Russia to find Index for a cure she used during Vento's attack.
Misaka #9982 is the 9,982nd clone of Sisters and the first clone that Mikoto met. She shows curiosity towards the outside world as she walks around the city, which led her to run into Mikoto. Upon meeting her, Misaka #9982 acts snarky in front of Mikoto, but she later bonds with her and receives a Gekota badge from her. Sadly, their first meeting will be the last one as she is killed by Accelerator in the experiment while holding on to the very first gift she received.
Dolly is the prototype for Mikoto's clones before their mass production. She befriends Mitori and Misaki in the building that held both the Clone Dolly Project and Exterior Project but their bonding is interrupted by her sudden death. They reunite at the end of the Daihasei Festival story arc after Misaki discovered that Dolly's original body only expired and her memories were transferred in a new clone body.

The Board of Directors consists of twelve people who held absolute authority in Academy City, with the Board Chairman ruling them. They govern the city's daily activities and contribute to the research, development, and welfare of its citizens.

(衝撃の杖 (ブラスティングロッド), Shōgeki no Tsue (Burasutingu Rōdo), lit. "Cane of Impact")
Aleister's backstory is introduced in the eighteenth volume of New Testament: A Certain Magical Index light novel series when he became a member of the Golden Dawn magic cabal, and his membership there led to his hatred towards magic and the eventual establishment of the science side.
Monaka is a member of the Board of Directors and Suama's mother. She is possibly the only board director who showed affection towards Academy City's students, unlike the other members that could only see them as experiment subjects. Monaka seeks Tōma's help in ending the worldwide anti-Academy City protests and later gets shot by Motoharu as a means of covering up her illicit meeting with him. In the Battle Royale story arc, she becomes the target of the assassination attempt orchestrated by Team SCHOOL.
Thomas is a member of the Board of Directors and the financier for Team ITEM. In the Academy City Invasion story arc, he is gravely injured by Accelerator who sought revenge against the higher management responsible for kidnapping Last Order. In the DRAGON story arc, Thomas hires Stephanie to kill Accelerator but he is killed by her instead when he mentioned using Chimitsu as a bargaining chip.
Shiokishi is a member of the Board of Directors and oversees military research, development, and production. He is always seen wearing a HsPS-15 Powered Suit because he feels uneasy without it. In the DRAGON story arc, Shiokishi attempts to eliminate Team GROUP for their investigation of DRAGON, but his plan is thwarted by the efforts of the team and Monaka. He later loses consciousness when Aiwass manifested in front of him and GROUP during their failed negotiation.
Rizō is a member of the Board of Directors and the financier for Disciplinary Action (DA). He manages Academy City's food supply, including the farm buildings, and contributes to the city's defensive forces to protect its infrastructure. Rizō is introduced as an antagonist in A Certain Scientific Accelerator manga and anime series.
Tsugutoshi is a member of the Board of Directors whom Seria worked for as his advisor. He is instrumental in rescuing Gemstones from around the world and bringing them inside Academy City but he fails to cease the Agitate Halation Project until Tōma intervenes.
Hisako is a member of the Board of Directors and an expert in the medical field. She is brainwashed by Yuītsu to have the same intellectual curiosity as hers, which led to her development of the Agitate Halation Project that would help her enter the realm of Hyōka and Aiwass, and beyond. Hisako disguises the project under the pretext of purging the "heroes" who became a nuisance in Academy City and begins observing Fremea as the "protection target" that would "agitate" the heroes in killing each other to protect her at all cost. During the Agitate Halation story arc, she becomes an AIM thought being with the help of the fluid mechanics-based computer called "Shading Computer" and later gets destroyed by Tōma's Imagine Breaker. Hisako's remaining existence is manifested using the scent emitted by the man-eating cockroaches but she is left on hiatus after Fräulein ate 99% of her form.
Norito is a member of the Board of Directors and former rescue squad elite. He is introduced in the first volume of Genesis Testament: A Certain Magical Index light novel series when he instructed Hoshimi Madono to abduct Last Order so that he could use her as a bargaining chip against the new Board Chairman Accelerator's plan of eliminating Academy City's dark side.
Kikyō is a researcher for the Level 6 Shift Project and Aiho's close friend. She is the first adult that Accelerator seemed to trust because she casually chats with and cares for him. Kikyō remains inside the facility even after the project was put on hiatus as she investigates Last Order's escape from her life-support machine and the virus that Ao inputted in her. She gets shot by Ao but she is later saved by Heaven Canceller. After she was discharged from the hospital, Kikyō stays in Aiho's apartment and becomes the guardian of Accelerator and Last Order along with her. She reveals her desire to become a teacher since that was her plan even before becoming a researcher.
Ao is a researcher for the Radio Noise Project (or Sisters Project), where he specialized in creating personality data with self-learning capabilities, and becomes involved in the Level 6 Shift Project. He later associates himself with an outside organization called "Science Association" to sell classified Academy City information as a means of repaying his large debts caused by the shutdown of the Level 6 Shift Project he heavily invested in. He is responsible for the virus inputted in Last Order which would forcibly make her command Mikoto's clones to go on a rampage via the Misaka Network. Ao is killed by Kikyō after he shot Accelerator in the head when he interrupted the virus's activation.
(多才能力 (マルチスキル), Tasai Nōryoku (Maruchi Sukiru), lit. "Versatility Ability")
In the Level Upper story arc, Harumi reveals her true intention of saving her former Child Error students that were used in an inhumane experiment by Gensei. She is later arrested by Anti-Skill but she vows to continue her research of finding a cure for them. Harumi returns in the Poltergeist story arc when she was bailed out by Heaven Canceller and continued working for a cure along with him. She later manages to save the students with the help of Mikoto and her friends.
Keitz is a researcher assigned as the security supervisor for the Level 6 Shift Project. His name is originally unknown in A Certain Scientific Railgun manga series until the release of its anime adaptation. He learns about Mikoto's attacks at research facilities involved in the project during the Sisters story arc. Since the shutdown of the project, Keitz becomes Misaki's informant and secures Misaka #10032 inside the Exterior building for protection against organizations interested in the Sisters clones.
Voiced by: Yutaka Nakano (Japanese); Cole Brown (Seasons 1-2, Railgun, Railgun S, Movie), Bill Brooks (Season 3, Accelerator) (English)
Seigo is introduced in A Certain Scientific Railgun: Astral Buddy manga series as a doctor in Heaven Canceller's hospital and researcher assigned in Clone Dolly Project's third laboratory called "Ideal". He loses his senses of pain and taste along with his emotions after he got possessed by an uncontrollable AIM aggregation during his tenure in the Ideal lab.
Rensa #28 is the 28th designated operator of the Rensa cyborg and Hisako's assistant in her hospital. She is seen wearing a purple cardigan over her pink nurse attire. Rensa #28 has an odd habit of nicknaming patients and hospital rooms.
Stephanie is a mercenary and close friend of Chimitsu. She is seen wearing an urban camouflage jacket over her green shirt and googles, appearing overall as more of an actress than a hitman. Stephanie's style of eliminating targets is through the use of powerful explosives instead of long-distance sniping that Chimitsu would usually do.
In the DRAGON story arc, she kills Thomas instead of her assigned target (Accelerator) after she heard his plan of using Chimitsu as a bargaining chip against her. Stephanie then fights Saiai in an underground mall as she robs her control of nitrogen around the area but Saiai manages to defeat her with the help of a reserved liquid nitrogen canister. She returns in the seventh volume of New Testament: A Certain Magical Index light novel series when she was taken out of prison and coerced to work with Anti-Skill. Stephanie and Aiho are partnered to deal with fluid mechanics expert named Dr. Matsusada as he tries to leave Academy City illegally via airplane at District 23.
(希土拡張 (アースパレット), Kido Kakuchō (Āsu Paretto), lit. "Rare Earth Expansion")
He is the unnamed father of Mitsuko and Tabigake's friend, who currently led the Kongō Airlines. In the Silent Party story arc, he assists Mikoto and her friends in their fight against STUDY by sending a large robot called "Ekaterina II S" that his daughter requested.

The Kihara Family (木原一族, Kihara Ichizoku) is a group of scientists who led twisted human experiments in the name of science.

Amata is a researcher assigned as the mentor for Accelerator and the commander of the black ops unit called "Hound Dog". He has a tattoo on the left side of his face and wears mechanical gloves. In the Academy City Invasion story arc, Amata is reunited with Accelerator when Hound Dog was tasked to abduct Last Order. The two engage in a fight until Accelerator kills him with his manifested black wings that sent him to the sky, turning him into a plasma.
Kagun is a scientist specialized in NDE-related research and magician of GREMLIN known as "Bersi". He is seen wearing a white coat and helmet to hide his appearance. Kagun resigns from being a researcher after he questioned the morality of his experiments and becomes a teacher instead. However, he decides to quit teaching for almost 3 years after he killed a young man who attacked a group of his students, whom Maria was a part of. In the Baggage City story arc, Kagun dies after he successfully killed Byōri Kihara who corrupted the young man, thus completing his revenge on her.
Yuītsu is the negotiator sent in Baggage City by Academy City to deal with the Science Guardian and a researcher who influenced Hisako in developing the Agitate Halation Project. She is always seen taking care of Nōkan, whom she addressed as "sensei". Yuītsu has a grudge against Kakeru because she learns about his involvement in Nōkan's death, causing the citywide Elements attacks. In the Kamisato Rescue story arc, her fate becomes unknown when her controlled Kamisato Faction turned against her after Tōma, Fran, and Luca rescued Kakeru from his banishment.

SCHOOL (スクール, Sukūru) is one of the dark side organizations in Academy City, which became responsible for stealing the Tweezers that served as a MacGuffin in A Certain Magical Index light novel series.

Chimitsu is a sniper of SCHOOL and Stephanie's close friend. He is known for using a magnetic sniper rifle produced by Academy City called "MSR-001". In the Battle Royale story arc, Chimitsu is hired by SCHOOL as their replacement for their previous dead sniper (Rakko) and tasked to assassinate Monaka. He later joins Teitoku and Kaibi in infiltrating ITEM's hideout, where he provided sniping support. Chimitsu's sniping location is destroyed by Saiai's handheld anti-tank missile warhead. In the DRAGON story arc, he is revealed to be alive after he survived the blast but he is in a coma since then.
Rakko is a sniper of SCHOOL and student of Private Shidarezakura Academy. Her sniping method includes hiding two collapsible sniper rifles inside her uniform's sleeves and using her nose to smell the target's blood drip and follow their trail. In the Dream Ranker story arc, Rakko targets Frenda and Ruiko for the latter's purchased Indian Poker card that might contain information about the Tweezers. However, she is defeated by Frenda and her mouth is blown up by her bombs. Rakko later reveals that she survived with the help of Banka and is seen wearing a prosthetic mouth. She vows to take revenge on Frenda but she is already taken out by ITEM before the Battle Royale story arc.

ITEM (アイテム, Aitemu) is one of the dark side organizations in Academy City tasked to keep the Board of Directors in check. The team is the only one of the organizations involved in the Battle Royale story arc to remain active after World War III.

In the Sisters story arc, Shizuri and her team are hired to defend the remaining facilities involved in the Level 6 Shift Project from Mikoto's attacks. She arrives in time just as Mikoto interrogates Frenda. The two Level 5 espers engage in a fight until Shizuri is defeated by Mikoto with the help of Frenda's leftover explosive items. In the Battle Royale story arc, Shizuri and her team discuss the recent assassination attempt on Monaka. She deduces that SCHOOL used this event as a diversion for their actual goal. Shizuri receives a call from their team's liaison and is tasked to deal with the Virus Isolation Center's hacking, but she informs her that she would destroy SCHOOL instead. Shizuri and her team arrive in the Elementary Particle Engineering Laboratory, where she killed Banka and confronted Teitoku. She then gives chase to a fleeing Teitoku, who successfully stole the Tweezers, but she loses track of him. Shizuri is later attacked by him inside ITEM's hideout. A defeated Shizuri kills Frenda for revealing the team's lair to SCHOOL. As she drags Frenda's bloody upper body, a vengeful Shizuri demands Shiage to hand over Rikō so that she could track Teitoku by her power. She then fights him for stealing the Body Crystals needed for enabling Rikō's power until she loses her right eye and left arm, and gets shot by him. In the DRAGON story arc, Shizuri survives the predicament and receives treatment with the help of Dark Legacy. She then confronts Shiage for the second time in District 23's airport but she is still defeated by him. Due to trauma and psychological breakdown, she develops a disturbing sense of twisted love for him and declares that she would castrate him as a sign of affection before letting him escape Academy City via a supersonic passenger plane. In the World War III story arc, Shizuri intercepts Shiage in Russia and overdoses herself with Body Crystals as she feels being defeated by him for the third time. She finally reconciles with him and Rikō after she was moved by Shiage's words about how he wanted the old Shizuri who cared for her teammates to be back.
In New Testament: A Certain Magical Index light novel series, Shizuri reforms ITEM and restores her relationship with other remaining members.
(能力追跡 (AIMストーカー), Nōryoku Tsuiseki (AIM Sutōkā), lit. "Ability Tracker")
In the Battle Royale story arc, Rikō becomes the target of SCHOOL because they see her as a threat to their plans. She pushes Shiage inside an elevator to save him from Teitoku's attack but she suffers damage in her body as she uses her ability against him. She is found unconscious by a returning Shiage and brought to Aiho for safety as he lures Shizuri away from her. In the World War III story arc, Rikō and Shiage arrive in Russia where she received partial treatment from Elizalinan magicians. Her ability is further revealed by the arrival of ITEM's liaison to have the potential in altering an esper's Personal Reality, which could change their power level or give a non-powered esper with an ability.
In New Testament: A Certain Magical Index light novel series, Rikō becomes a member of the reformed ITEM and reunites with Shizuri, while her relationship with Shiage improves as they go on date and take care of Fremea like a parent. In the Ichihanaran Festival story arc, her ability helps one of the White Beetles to become free of Teitoku's control and take over him as the new one.
In the Sisters story arc, Saiai subdues Shinobu as she attempts to install an emotion program throughout the Misaka Network. In the Battle Royale story arc, she helps Shiage and Rikō to escape SCHOOL's attack in their hideout and destroys Chimitsu's sniping position with her handheld anti-tank missile warhead but she is later knocked down by Teitoku. In the DRAGON story arc, Saiai becomes a target of revenge by Stephanie for her role in Chimitsu's condition. She manages to defeat her with the help of a reserved liquid nitrogen canister that she used for her ability.
In the New Testament: A Certain Magical Index light novel series, Saiai becomes a member of the reformed ITEM and reunites with Shizuri.
In the Sisters story arc, Frenda fights Mikoto inside one of the facilities she is tasked to protect from her infiltration but she is later defeated. In the Battle Royale story arc, she is captured by SCHOOL and forced to reveal ITEM's hideout with the help of Kaibi's ability. Frenda is later killed by Shizuri for her betrayal. Before this event, she becomes friends with Ruiko for their love of mackerel and gets invited by her over dinner, but she is already dead by the time their scheduled dinner arrives.
In New Testament: A Certain Magical Index light novel series, Frenda's grave is visited by Shizuri at District 10.

MEMBER (メンバー, Menbā) is one of the dark side organizations in Academy City tasked to perform odd jobs for the Board Chairman. The team is considered Aleister's "loyal dogs".

The Professor is the unnamed elderly leader of MEMBER. He equips Mimosa, a weapon containing microscopic-sized reflective alloy that could decompose organic matter. He loves numerical expressions and finds beauty within them. He is aware of the existence of magic because one of his teammates (Xochitl) is a magician. In the Battle Royale story arc, the Professor is killed by Teitoku when he confronted him over the stolen Tweezers.
Yoshio is an operative of MEMBER specialized in hacking and surveillance. He supports the Professor by using animal-shaped robots while inside an emergency shelter. He has a keen insight of his opponent's esper power and uses it to his advantage in fighting them. In A Certain Scientific Railgun manga and anime series, Yoshio attempts to obtain one of the Sisters (Misaka #10032) but his plan is thwarted by Mitsuko, Kinuho, Ma'aya, and Mikoto. In the Battle Royale story arc, he watches the defeat of the Professor and Saraku on-screen, and later gets trapped inside the shelter as the outside area is being flooded.
(死角移動 (キルポイント), Suhikaku Idō (Kiru Pointo), lit. "Blind-spot Movement")

BLOCK (ブロック, Burokku) is one of the dark side organizations in Academy City tasked to keep an eye on the level of cooperation between the city and friendly outside institutions.

Tatsuhiko is the leader of BLOCK. He plans on bringing 5,000 foreign mercenaries inside Academy City to lead them in his attack against Aleister, whom he showed hatred. In the Battle Royale story arc, Tatsuhiko is rendered unconscious by Megumi after the two debated over his treatment of hostages inside District 10's Reformatory.
Megumi is an operative of BLOCK and a former officer of Anti-Skill. She joins the team to know if Aleister has control over the children's fate in the dark side as she sympathizes with them. In the Battle Royale story arc, she is defeated by Awaki inside District 10's Reformatory after the latter overcame her trauma of using her ability.
Yamate is an operative of BLOCK. He is part of the squad that infiltrated the Management's apartment to prevent leakage of SCHOOL's plan. Yamate is later killed by Etzali and his appearance is used by him as his disguise to infiltrate the team.
(意見解析 (スキルポリグラフ), Iken Kaiseki (Sukiru Porigurafu), lit. "Comment Analysis")

Scavenger (スカベンジャー, Sukabenjā) is one of the dark side organizations in Academy City tasked for clean-up and disposal on behalf of the Board of Directors. They make appearances in the manga and anime series A Certain Scientific Accelerator and A Certain Scientific Railgun.

(液比転換 (ミックスマスター), Eki-hi Tenkan (Mikkusu Masutā), lit. "Liquid Ratio Conversion") (浸紙念力 (パーフェクトペーパー), Shinshi Nenriki (Pāfekuto Pēpā), lit. "Immersed Paper Psychokinesis") (摩擦増減 (スティックスリップ), Masatsu Zōgen (Sutikku Surippu), lit. "Friction Fluctuation")

Freshmen (新入生, Shinnyusei) is one of the dark side organizations in Academy City tasked to eliminate intruders with supernatural powers that were not developed in the city. The team is first introduced in the New Testament: A Certain Magical Index light novel series.

(窒素爆槍 (ボンバーランス), Chisso Bakusō (Bombā Ransu), lit. "Nitrogen Bomb Lance")
Fräulein is a mysterious woman who had existed for a long time and was imprisoned in the Windowless Building until she is rescued by Tōma and Thor. She becomes the friend of Last Order and Fremea Seivelun.
Sphynx is Index's pet calico cat. Index finds it alone in a box. Tōma then tries to prevent her from keeping the cat because his dormitory prohibits pets, but they still pull it off without anyone suspecting them.
Arisa is the main heroine of A Certain Magical Index: The Movie – The Miracle of Endymion and a talented singer. She is a Level 0 esper yet she can cause miracles to happen through singing. Tōma and Index meet Arisa, and she tells them about her audition to become the mascot of Endymion. She is later targeted by Stiyl, who warned that she could be the cause of a war between magic and science sides. Arisa attracts Shutaura's interest for an unknown reason until the latter reveals that she was her alter ego, who got separated from her during the Orion incident. By the end of the movie, Arisa and Shutaura merge back.
Etsu is the mysterious Academy City's #6 Level 5 esper. His ability allows an individual to receive power from his name and make it their "ideal self". His personal information and identity are currently unknown.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as the United Kingdom, is a constitutional monarchy located off the north-western coast of continental Europe. The country is currently ruled by three organizations: the British Royal Family, the Church of England, and the Knights of England. Due to the joint ruling between organizations, they have made the United Kingdom one of the most powerful magical organizations in the world, rivaling the Roman Catholic Church.

The British royal family is a family of close relatives of the monarch of the United Kingdom. Queen Elizard, based on the real-life British queen, is the current head of the monarch and Supreme Head of the Church of England. The members of the royal family are magic users for generations as they represent the magic nobility. The family resides in Buckingham Palace but they usually use Windsor Castle as their second home.

Elizard is the current queen regnant of the United Kingdom. She is the wielder of a ceremonial sword called "Curtana Second" that allowed her to receive empowerment from Archangel Michael's angelic power.
Villian is the youngest daughter of Elizard and the third princess of the British royal family. She is a timid but benevolent young woman, causing her to become the public face of the royal family and be used in political marriages. In the British Royal Family story arc, Villian becomes upset about Carrisa's plan of using military forces to solve the country's crisis. She gets captured by her and is about to get beheaded when Acqua showed up and saved her. She later joins Tōma and Index in their mission to overload the Curtana Original so that they could begin their counter-attack against Carissa. In the New Testament: A Certain Magical Index light novel series, Villian is present during the chaos in Windsor Castle and meets Accelerator, who recently defeated Elizard, to secure her mother.
Silvia is the head maid for the British royal family and a Saint. She is acquainted with both the Knight Leader and Kaori. Silvia leaves the United Kingdom to hone her skills as a maid and meets Ollerus on her travels. While she often becomes angry at him for his overly casual attitude and punishes him, Silvia stays with Ollerus because she believes he needs to be cared for. After she completed her training as a maid in Milan, she chooses to stay with him despite the royal family's repeated orders for her to return.

The Church of England (or Anglican Church) is one of the three largest Christian denominations in the magic world headed by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Its headquarters establishes in St. George's Cathedral in Lambeth, London. The current leader of the Church of England is Dion Fortune.

Necessarius is the 0th Parish of the Church of England specialized in neutralizing and destroying magic in England, and tasked to investigate, arrest, and punish magicians. The Head of the Church of Necessary Evil is also the current Archbishop of Canterbury.

(必要悪の教会 (ネセサリウス), Hitsuyōaku no Kyōkai (Nesesariusu), lit. "Church of Necessary Evil")
Lola serves as an Archbishop of Canterbury and a leader of Necessarius. She appears as an eighteen-year-old girl but her age and appearance are the same as twenty years ago when Matthai first met her. She is known for her long, blonde hair that weighed 2.5 times her weight and reached her ankles, and is seen wearing a beige robe. Lola speaks funny Japanese because of how Motoharu taught her. Despite being an archbishop, her personality gets described by Stiyl as cold and calculating due to the number of good and evil deeds she had done being equal. In the New Testament: A Certain Magical Index light novel series, Lola reveals herself as possessed by a great demon named Coronzon.
(我が名が最強である理由をここに証明する, Waga Na ga Saikyō de aru Riyū o Koko ni Shōmei suru) (魔女狩りの王 (イノケンティウス), Majogari no Ō (Inokentiusu), lit. "King of Witch Hunters") (速記原典 (ショートハンド), Sokki Genten (Shōtohando), lit. "Shorthand Original")
Marie is an original character introduced in A Certain Magical Index: The Movie – The Miracle of Endymion as a witch of the Church of England who specialized in water-based magic.
Mallybath is an original character introduced in A Certain Magical Index: The Movie – The Miracle of Endymion as a witch of the Church of England who specialized in earth-based magic.
Jane is an original character introduced in A Certain Magical Index: The Movie – The Miracle of Endymion as a witch of the Church of England who specialized in wind-based magic.
Smartvery is a witch of the Church of England stationed in a mobile fortress called "Coven Compass". She leads the attack of witches against the Knights of England near the island of Islay in the Atlantic Ocean during the British Halloween.
Theodosia is a member of Necessarius who specialized in Norse-based magic. She receives an order from Necessarius to eliminate Patricia but she discovers that the target was innocent as she does not know magic. Theodosia then protects her against Richard who manipulated the mission Necessarius tasked to her.
He is the unnamed owner of a small jeans store in London and an unofficial member of Necessarius. He usually partners with Kanzaki Kaori in various missions.
(破滅の枝 (レーヴァテイン), Hametsu no Eda (Rēvatein), lit. "Twig of Destruction")

The Knights of England is the order of magic knights in England headed by the Knight Leader. The Knights have served the United Kingdom since the Crusades and have become the basis of all magic knights over Europe, including Vatican City's Thirteen Knights of the Roman Catholic Church and France's Knights of Orléans. As one of the three magic organizations of the United Kingdom, the Knights represent the magic community within the country's military.

New Light (新たなる光, Arata naru Hikari) is a pseudo-cabal reserve force specialized in Norse-based magic. The members wear jackets with the initials of their organization embroidered on them.

Floris is a member of New Light. Her spiritual accessory is small dragon-like wings at her back, which helped her to offset her falling speed. In the British Royal Family story arc, a captured Floris gets saved by Tōma inside a train as he sneaks in it to reach Folkestone but they alert the onboard Knights of England. Floris saves him with her wings after the two jumped out of the train to escape the guards and they end up floating on a nearby river, where they got found by an Amakusa Catholic scout. She becomes enraged at Tōma because she thinks that he brought her back to the Amakusas who defeated her earlier. This event has caused Floris to have a grudge against Tōma since then.
Lancis is a member of New Light. Her spiritual accessory is dragon-like claws wore on her fingers. She has a strange magic condition that gave her a tickling sensation when she used magic power. In the British Royal Family story arc, Lancis holds the suitcase that contained Curtana Original and positions herself 30 km north of London. As her comrades get captured, she successfully delivers the artifact to Knight Leader.

Dawn-colored Sunlight (明け色の陽射し, Akeiro no Hizashi) is the largest Golden-style magic cabal in Europe led by Leivinia. Their goal is to unite the magic and science sides and rule over them.

Patricia is Leivinia's younger sister. She already gains a Ph.D. at her young age of 12, becoming a renowned researcher who got worked on university-run projects and got sponsored by Academy City or its cooperative institutions to join laboratories and research ships as a guest researcher. Her twenty or more published research papers attract the attention of schools that wanted to bring her in. In the World Rejecter story arc, Patricia accompanies an Academy City-sponsored research team to Antarctica where she got infected by the Sample Shoggoth parasite. She eventually arrives in Academy City as she seeks medical institutions that would cure her. Patricia gets saved by Magic God Nephthys who converted her own body into fats that would replace the ones consumed by the parasite. Despite the recent events that transpired in the story arc, she still shows oblivion about the existence of magic.

Vatican City is an enclaved city-state located in Rome, Italy, and the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. The country merely represents the magic side in contrast with Academy City that represented the science side.

The Roman Catholic Church is one of the three religious organizations that ruled the magic side with two billion followers under the leadership of the Pope. The current leader of the church is Pietro Yogdis who served as a cardinal before his promotion.

Voiced by: Masafumi Kimura (Japanese); Bob Magruder (Seasons 1-2), Jim White (Season 3) (English)
Matthai serves as a Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. When the magic world discovered the existence of Tōma and his right hand's power, he is convinced by Fiamma to declare him an enemy of the world and a heretic that must be eliminated. When he later learned about Fiamma's deception, Matthai is suddenly attacked by his powerful spell that could destroy Vatican City but he diverts the spell on himself to save the city. He is later hospitalized and manages to recover from his wounds. Matthai then quells the riot in Rome and takes back the church's leadership from the bishops who supported Fiamma. He is contacted by Vasilisa to work together in bringing down the Star of Bethlehem. He steps down from his position after World War III.
Lidvia is a Catholic nun and radical among the Roman Catholic Church known as "Mardi Grass". She can convert people to Christianity regardless of their societal status: criminals, non-believers, or other magicians that shared no connection with the Roman Catholic Church. In the Daihaisei Festival story arc, Lidvia attempts to convert Academy City's populace into Roman Catholics using an artifact called Croce di Pietro but her plan gets thwarted by Tōma, Motoharu, and Stiyl, and she later gets captured by Necessarius. In the Document of Constantine story arc, she is being imprisoned in the Tower of London and gets interrogated by Stiyl for information about God's Right Seat.
Biagio is a middle-aged bishop of the Roman Catholic Church and a magician who specialized in cross-related powers. In The Queen of the Adriatic Sea story arc, he commands the mobilization of the Roman Catholic Church's magical weapon called "The Queen of the Adriatic Sea" to annihilate Academy City after Lidvia failed her mission. His plan gets disrupted when Amakusa Catholics attacked the fleet and he is later defeated by Tōma. In the Document of Constantine story arc, Biagio is being imprisoned in the Tower of London and listens as Lidvia provides information to Stiyl about God's Right Seat.

Agnese Forces is a religious paramilitary unit of the Roman Catholic Church with over 250 battle nuns that specialized in magic combat.

Angelene is a member of the Agnese Forces and Lucia's partner. She is slightly shorter than her partner with long honey-colored braided hair. She seems to be quite shy in contrast to her partner, though her personality at times can be childish, and she does get angry. She has a real sweet tooth for various desserts and sweet drinks. Her magic uses four bags of coins hanging around her waist, referencing Apostle Matthew's position as a tax collector, which could transform into four elements (air, earth, fire, and water) and launch them as projectiles to her opponents. In her childhood, Angelene is abandoned by her parents while in France but she is later taken into custody by the Roman Catholic Church, where she became a nun-in-training.
Agata is a member of the Agnese Forces. She has blue eyes and long brown hair and is seen wearing eyeglasses. In The Queen of the Adriatic Sea story arc, Agata helms the 47th ice ship of the Queen's Fleet and reports to Biagio about the surprise attack conducted by Amakusa Catholics in their fleet. In the British Royal Family story arc, she helps the Agnese Forces in their investigation of New Light's hideout. Agata returns in the New Testament: A Certain Magical Index light novel series when she and some members of the Agnese Forces got picked up by Shiage with his pickup truck while fleeing from Crowley's Hazards.

God's Right Seat is a four-member secret magical organization within the Roman Catholic Church with members representing four Archangels of Catholicism. Their goal is to achieve La Persona Superiore a Dio ('The One Above God') by erasing the original sin.

Voiced by: Hōchū Ōtsuka (Japanese); George Manley (Season 2), Garrett Schenck (Season 3) (English)Voiced by: Hiroki Tōchi (Japanese); Andrew T. Chandler (Season 2), Chris Ryan (Season 3) (English)Voiced by: Toshiyuki Morikawa (Japanese); Christopher Wehkamp (English)

Russia is a transcontinental country located in the Eurasia continent where the majority of World War III in A Certain Magical Index light novel series took place.

The Russian Orthodox Church is one of the three largest religious organizations that ruled the magic side. Its headquarters is located in Moscow. According to Motoharu, the Russian Orthodox Church specializes in ghost-hunting, whereas the Church of England is known for witch-hunting.

Annihilatus (殲滅白書, Senmetsu Hakusho, lit. "Policy of Extermination") is the secret magical organization within the Russian Orthodox Church specialized in exterminating ghosts and other nonexistent beings.

Sasha is a thirteen-year-old Russian nun and an operative of Annihilatus. She is always seen carrying around a large number of magical torture weapons such as hammers and saws. She usually converses in a question-and-answer format. In the Angel Fall story arc, Sasha's body is taken over by Archangel Gabriel, who was called down to earth from heaven by the Angel Fall spell. After the events, she is placed under observation in Moscow due to the unusual effects her body suffered when the archangel possessed it. In the British Royal Family story arc, Sasha is told by Vasilisa to escape the Russian Orthodox Church because an order has been issued for her capture due to the residual Telesma left by Archangel Gabriel in her body. She later encounters Vento, who arrived in Russia to capture Fiamma, and is advised by her to seek asylum in Elizalina Alliance of Independent Nations. In the World War III story arc, Sasha gets captured by Fiamma to be used for his Project Bethlehem but she later manages to escape the Star of Bethlehem. She returns in New Testament: A Certain Magical Index light novel series as part of Krans' security detail during his visit to the United Nations headquarters. She later accompanies Vasilisa in Denmark to capture Tōma and Othinus but she retreats after he defeated the Patriarch's spell against him. She watches afar Tōma's rescue of Othinus near Egeskov Castle.
Skogsfru is an operative of Annihilatus, based on Russian folklore about a fairy who lived in the woods and fell in love with a human. Her magic uses sexual spells. In the British Royal Family story arc, Skogsfru is sent by Nikolai to acquire Sasha but she encounters Vasilisa instead, and the two fight until she gets defeated when Vasilisa blew up the room with her spell.

The Elizalina Alliance of Independent Nations is an international alliance of smaller nations that gained independence from Russia. It is named after the current leader of the country.

Elizalina is the leader of Elizalina Alliance of Independent Nations and the twin sister of Maiden of Versailles. She is well-loved by Elizalinans and is revered by them as a saint because she fights against Russians to gain Elizarina Alliance's independence. In the World War III story arc, Elizalina agrees to help Tōma and Lessar in their fight against Fiamma until they safely escort Sasha out of Elizarina Alliance as the country wants to be neutral during the war. She gets defeated by Fiamma when her palace got attacked by him.
Longe serves as one of the bodyguards of Elizalina. He is present in her palace when Fiamma attacked the place.
Bellagi is one of the bodyguards protecting Elizalina. He is present in her palace when Fiamma attacked the place.

Return of the Winged One (翼ある者の帰還, Tsubasa aru Mono no Kikan) is an Aztec-based magic organization. This organization has almost complete control over Latin America, though not to the extent like the Christian churches which could influence the government.

In the Three Stories story arc, Etzali borrows the appearance of Mitsuki and attempts to befriend Mikoto to kill her but he ends up falling in love with her instead. After he failed to kill Tōma, Etzali makes him promise to protect Mikoto and the world around her. In the Skill-Out Uprising story arc, he stays in Academy City and joins GROUP to protect Mikoto from the shadows. In the Battle Royale story arc, Etzali is tasked by Motoharu to investigate Management's apartment. He takes the appearance of Yamate when his fellow operatives from BLOCK stormed the place and infiltrates the team's hideout to investigate their plan. He later encounters Xochitl, who arrived to kill him due to his betrayal with the magic cabal, at District 10's Reformatory but he defeats her and takes away her grimoire as it erodes her body. In the DRAGON story arc, Etzali and his fellow GROUP operatives infiltrate Shiokishi's base to find information about DRAGON. He meets Tecpatl, who disguised as one of Shiokishi's bodyguards to kill him with Tochtli's grimoire. He manages to use his experience from his encounter with Xochitl's grimoire to defeat and kill him instead.
Etzali returns in New Testament: A Certain Magical Index light novel series during the Homecoming story arc when he visited Xochitl and Tochtli in a hospital and had a debate with them over his continuous use of Mitsuki's appearance.
In Genesis Testament: A Certain Magical Index light novel series, Etzali and Xochitl head to the hospital where Tochtli rest to retrieve the latter as Operation Handcuffs against Academy City's dark side is being commenced.
In A Certain Scientific Railgun SS: Liberal Arts City side story, Xochitl arrives in Liberal Arts City to sink the artificial island and meets Ruiko during her field trip. She saves Ruiko from the United States' attempt to kill her. Xochitl's plan for the city is foiled by Mikoto's intervention. She is given a new order to destroy all evacuation ships to prevent leakage of Aztec knowledge but she disagrees and decides to defy Tecpatl's order despite knowing that she will be punished. As her punishment, Xochitl has a grimoire merged into her and is sent to Academy City to kill Etzali for his betrayal of the Aztec magic cabal and ends up joining MEMBER. In the Daihasei Festival story arc, she receives help from Ruiko as she tries to operate her unique cellphone. She saves her from an attack by Mitori's liquid metal puppet inside the liquid metal factory. In the Battle Royale story arc, Xochitl battles Etzali at District 10's Reformatory. However, with the grimoire draining away her life, she loses to him and is saved by him after he took possession of her grimoire. In the DRAGON story arc, Xochitl is confined in a hospital and meets Etzali and his fellow GROUP operatives.
In New Testament: A Certain Magical Index light novel series, Xochitl shares her hospital room with Tochtli. She argues with Etzali about his continuous use of Mitsuki's face in front of them.
In Genesis Testament: A Certain Magical Index light novel series, Xochitl uses a borrowed face to hide her identity and accompanies Etzali to retrieve Tochtli in the hospital as Anti-Skill targets members of Academy City's dark side during their Operation Handcuffs.
In A Certain Scientific Railgun SS: Liberal Arts City side story, Tecpatl leads the operation to destroy Liberal Arts City due to his belief in living peacefully once the battle with the United States that he referred to as "World Police" ends. In the DRAGON story arc, he takes the appearance of Shiokishi's bodyguard named Minobe to hunt down Etzali. After he injured Shiokishi, Tecpatl challenges Etzali but he is killed by him instead.
Tochtli is a magician of Return of the Winged One and Xochitl's partner. Her name means "rabbit" in the Nahuatl language.
In New Testament: A Certain Magical Index light novel series, Tochtli recovers in the hospital where Xochitl was confined. She addresses Etzali as her older brother and tells him to continue visiting them for her to have a peaceful hospitalization. She annoyingly teases Xochitl about Etzali's advantage of using Mitsuki's appearance.
In Genesis Testament: A Certain Magical Index light novel series, Tochtli joins Etzali and Xochitl in watching the sunrise as they ponder the future aftershock of the failed Operation Handcuffs.

France is a European country that had a fictional conflict with the United Kingdom in A Certain Magical Index universe.

The Maiden of Versailles is the unnamed mysterious blonde, blue-eyed twin sister of Elizarina and one of the most powerful magicians in Europe. Both she and her sister descend from both the British and French royal families. She secretly rules France despite being placed under house arrest by the French government to serve as a ruse to fool her enemies. The Maiden of Versailles wields the magical sword Durendal.
In the World War III story arc, the Maiden of Versailles leads the French invasion forces to fight against the British forces in the Battle of Dover Strait. She clashes with Carissa but she later works with her to defeat the sudden appearance of Archangel Gabriel. The Maiden of Versailles and Carissa work together to protect targeted Russian and Academy City forces from the archangel as English and French forces evacuate them.
In New Testament: A Certain Magical Index light novel series, the Maiden of Versailles represents France during an allied conference in the United Nations headquarters alongside representatives from Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Vatican City to plan their attack against GREMLIN. After they witnessed Tōma's efforts in saving Othinus, the Maiden of Versailles mentions to her allies her decision to not send someone to go after Tōma in the first place when he suddenly allied with the Magic God.
Musset is a French terrorist and member of a French anti-English organization. In the British Royal Family story arc, he boards the Sky Bus 365 plane to sabotage its flight stabilizers near Tōma's seat. He later strangles Index, who witnessed his activity, inside a storage closet but he is attacked by Tōma to save her. Musset's plan to sabotage United Kingdom's air routes is finally foiled by Tōma and Necessarius.
Eiker is a French terrorist and member of a French anti-English organization. In the British Royal Family story arc, Eiker patiently waits in the cargo hold of the Sky Bus 365 plane with explosives. He is knocked down by Tōma but he manages to get up and grab a grenade. He is suddenly sucked in by a hole that Stiyl had blown on the side of the plane. His grenade is knocked away by Tōma as he screams in pain.
Cendrillon is a young blonde French magician. Her name is the French word for Cinderella. She uses the story of Cinderella to transform parts of it into an attack spell but her magic ability has a time limit of "midnight".

GREMLIN (グレムリン, Guremurin) is a group of magicians formed after World War III to oppose Academy City and the major group antagonist of New Testament: A Certain Magical Index light novel series. Their organization name is based on the folkloric creature of the same name. GREMLIN has several followers, including other magicians, who desired the destruction of Academy City.

Othinus is the leader of GREMLIN and the current Magic God, with her name equivalent to the Latin translation of Odin. She is always seen wearing an eye patch to cover her right eye.
Othinus returns in Genesis Testament: A Certain Magical Index light novel series when she helped Tōma to defeat Norito using her knowledge as a Magic God. She encounters Anna and witnesses her kiss with him. She becomes furious at Anna for infecting Tōma with a St. Germain virus and discusses the situation with Index, who prayed in the altar inside Heaven Canceller's hospital. She then works with Index to save the patients who got injured from the magic they learned at R&C Occultics' website.
Thor is the representative combat member of GREMLIN, based on the . In the Ichihanaran Festival story arc, he disguises himself in the form of Mikoto and meets up with Tōma. When his identity got revealed, Thor requests Tōma's help in saving Fräulein inside the Windowless Building. Thor later reveals his intention behind saving Fräulein is to simulate his power growth through real-life battles. Thor uses electric arc blades in his fight with Tōma. He allows Ollerus to borrow his appearance for the latter to sneak in the GREMLIN and ponders whether he will continue his operations as a GREMLIN member after he betrayed them. In the Magic God Othinus story arc, Thor shows up at the Egeskov Castle and defeats GREMLIN members who planned to kill Othinus for her betrayal. He fights Tōma for the second time but he is eventually defeated yet satisfied with the battle experience he gained.
Mjölnir is a female magician of GREMLIN in cylindrical form and Marian's partner, based on Thor's hammer of the same name. Her appearance is caused by Marian's magic power and can change into other shapes such as a sphere and a cube.
Mjölnir is introduced in the second volume of New Testament: A Certain Magical Index light novel series on-board the Radiosonde Castle. In the Hawaii Invasion story arc, she accompanies Marian and is used by her to defeat Cendrillon. In the Ichihanaran Festival story arc, Mjölnir accompanies Thor and Marian on their mission to retrieve Fräulein inside the Windowless Building. She witnesses Thor knocking down Marian but she is convinced by him to not endanger her partner since she is needed for the creation of the Lance of Gungnir. In the Magic God Othinus story arc, Mjölnir decides to not fight Tōma and picks up the defeated Marian to retreat.
Útgarða-Loki is an illusionist of GREMLIN, based on the ruler of Útgarða of the same name. He is sent to Baggage City and deals with a representative of Science Guardian until he is interrupted by the arrival of Ransū Kihara.
Jörmungandr is a member of GREMLIN, based on the Norse sea serpent of the same name. He intercepts the incoming Russian bombers to prevent them from interfering with GREMLIN's invasion of Tokyo and encounters Stiyl with his Innocentius.
In the fourth volume of New Testament: A Certain Magical Index light novel series, Brunhild fights the artificial Valkyries sent by GREMLIN while visiting Ceillier in a hospital but she is outnumbered until Silvia and Leivinia arrive to help her. In the Ichihanaran Festival story arc, Brunhild is part of Ollerus' group that arrived at Academy City to stop GREMLIN's plan of retrieving Fräulein. She later fights Mikoto but she stops when Leivinia got defeated by Tōma and leaves Academy City along with Leivinia and Silvia. In the Magic God Othinus story arc, Brunhild arrives in Denmark with Silvia to hunt down Tōma and Othinus and witnesses her partner's gruesome beating of him as she prepares to kill the Magic God.
Known as "The Media Queen", she is a highly influential businesswoman in America who attempts to take over America and turn it into a theocratic state.
Lindy is Olay's daughter who was targeted during the Hawaii Invasion in hopes of using her as leverage to bargain with Olay. She has since inherited her mother's economical empire after Olay's capture. Even though her company was initially destined for bankruptcy due to requiring to fund repair and reconstructions, it's back in business with the support of multiple several financial investment companies such as Tōya Kamijō's parent company.

The Amakusa-Style Remix of Church is a secret order of Japanese warriors. The order was formed during the Edo period when Japan banned Christianity. To escape persecution, they merge Shintoism and Buddhism into their Catholic beliefs to hide their religion which led the Amakusas to create a unique fusion of magic. While skilled sorcerers, the Amakusas are also skilled with martial arts and fighting in groups.

Later in the novels, more of her past is revealed. Not only is Kaori a skilled swordswoman, but she is a Catholic Saint possessing the "Stigma" — the ability to call upon God's power — and the former leader of the Amakusa Catholics; however, Kaori leaves the group as she resents that she has been fated since birth to become its leader, which leads to her resenting the concept of luck and fortune. Though she is Catholic, she joins Necessarius in hopes of changing her fate and befriended Index, developing a sisterly relationship with her. The repeated failed attempts to make Index remember her after each memory erasure results in Kaori beginning to accept that no matter how much a person tries, no one can change their destiny. However, Kaori begins to show a kinder side to herself after Tōma rescues Index, giving her hope that anyone can defy their destiny, and eventually falls in love with him after he helps her reunite with the Amakusa Catholics, becoming more prone to showing emotion and sometimes showing a little embarrassment if she is with him. She is the protagonist of her spin-off mini-light novel bundled with the A Certain Scientific Railgun DVDs.
The substitute-Supreme Pontiff of the Amakusa Catholics, who saves people for the sake of saving them rather than for any ulterior motive. A capable leader, he strives to rebuild the group so that Kaori, who left the group and rejected the position of Pontiff to protect them from any incidents that would occur as a result of her status as a Saint, would feel welcome to return to them someday. He has impressionable pitch-black hair and a unique sense of fashion, which includes an over-sized shirt and one-meter long shoelaces. Saiji is an expert in Amakusa-style combat and is equipped with a 180-centimeter-long Flamberge.
Voiced by: Ai Kayano (Japanese); Krishna Smitha (Season 2), Amanda Lee (Season 3) (English)
An Amakusa girl. Originally introduced in the eleventh novel, she makes an earlier appearance in the anime episode "The Book of the Law" which is based on the beginning of the 7th novel. In the 11th novel, she fell in love with Tōma after their first meeting, claiming it was love at first sight but the anime suggests she fell for him much earlier during the Orsola incident in the seventh novel. However, due to her shyness, she is unable to properly tell him how she feels. Yet she hopes to get Tōma's attention, even when knowing her senpai and superior Kaori is also in love with him. She has accompanied Tōma and his friends on more than one occasion, including traveling with him to Italy, France, and Britain. In the events of the 16th novel, she becomes his bodyguard and caretaker. When Acqua first attacks Academy City, she fails to protect him and tries to heal Tōma with magic but unsuccessfully due to his Imagine Breaker. After Tōma is sent to the hospital she goes into despair for failing to protect him but Saiji rebukes her and tells her to snap out of it as she focuses on fighting with Acqua if she wants to protect him. During the Amakusas' rematch against Acqua, Itsuwa suddenly displays a change of personality, becomes full of tranquil fury that even the way she spoke changed. She performed a "Saint Destroyer" spell in that battle, harming Acqua and causing him to lose the "Divine Mother's Mercy" spell which allows them to defeat him.
Tōma's father. He is a businessman who travels a lot and collects various good luck charms due to Tōma's unnatural streak of bad luck. Though he may seem silly at times he does care about his wife and son. He is partly responsible for causing Angel Fall, the spell that brought a powerful angel in heaven to Earth without his knowing about it. In his youth, he was a playboy but fell in love with his future wife Shiina. Despite being happily married and having no interest in other women, he still manages to attract women, much to the chagrin of his wife.
Tōma's mother. She has a gentle personality and cares about Tōma. She commonly uses the phrase "Ara-ara", which is the equivalent of saying, 'My, my" in English. While she is usually seen as calm and sweet, she can be jealous if another woman is interested in her husband. Since the sports festival, she has become good friends with Misuzu Misaka.
Mikoto's mother, who is currently studying in college. Due to her youthful looks, she is generally mistaken as Mikoto's older sister. She is aware that her daughter likes Tōma. Since the sports festival, she has become good friends with Shīna Kamijō.
Mikoto's father, who is a rich and prominent businessman who meets Tōya during a business trip in one of the side-story chapters. He has been employed to find and correct flaws in the world and is currently investigating Gemstone espers to prevent them from falling into the hands of governments and agencies unaffiliated with Academy City. Tabikake has numerous connections worldwide and access to Aleister, whom he does not hesitate to threaten when he suspects that Aleister might use his wife and daughter in his plans.
Gabriel is one of the four Archangels of God, who was referred to as "The Power of God". The archangel is accidentally brought down to earth and switched bodies with Sasha when the Angel Fall spell was cast. Eager to return to Heaven and punish the one responsible for the spell, the archangel joins Tōma and his companions under the alias "Misha Kreutzev". Upon learning Tōya is responsible for the spell activation, Misha tries to kill him but she engages in battle with Kaori instead. The archangel returns to Heaven after Motoharu destroyed the site where the spell was cast. During World War III, the archangel is summoned back by Fiamma and fights Kazakiri (in Fuse Kazakiri mode) and Accelerator.
Gabriel returns in New Testament: A Certain Magical Index light novel series when Samuel Liddell manifested the archangel for his attack against Aleister.
(神の如き者 (ミカエル), Kami no Gotokisha (Mikaeru), lit. "The Likeness of God")
Archangel Michael is one of the four Archangels of God, who was referred to as "The Likeness of God". In the World War III story arc, the archangel is revealed by Fiamma to be the one who got brought down to Earth when the Angel Fall spell was cast, causing Fiamma to target Sasha because of the archangel's residual Telesma in her body. Michael is mistaken by Kaori for Gabriel due to a mix-up in the essence of Heaven by unknown forces, which switched Michael and Gabriel's positions.