Kyiv School of Economics

Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) is an undergraduate and graduate school of economics and management in Kyiv, Ukraine, founded in 1996 by the Economics Education and Research Consortium (EERC) and the Eurasia Foundation. KSE has an agreement with the University of Houston in the United States which permits it to grant graduates an MA in economics in their name as well. KSE programs are taught by twelve professors of economics who earned PhDs in US and European Union universities and are listed with UH faculty. The president of KSE is Tymofiy Mylovanov.[1]

The mission of the school is building the intellectual foundation for a strong economy of Ukraine. Now the school has graduated more than 700 persons, 137 KSE graduates to earn PhDs from top Western universities.

The curriculum of the program is modeled on economic and financial programs in North America and Western Europe with English-language textbooks and access to modern world economic and scientific resources. Students have access to JSTOR and EBSCOHOST subscription scholarly archives. By arrangement, students of economic programs that have a grade "B" or higher at the end of the study, may also hold a degree from the (USA), in addition to the KSE Diploma.

The best students on the rating have significant benefits in terms of tuition fees and the ability to become "teacher assistant" in the second year of study.

KSE is governed by its board of directors, which bears legal and fiduciary responsibility for the whole organization and oversees its activities. The board is chaired by Yegor Grygorenko, chair of the KSE Board; Manager, Bain & Company; KSE (EERC)’2001. The board includes several senior representatives of Western donor organizations and Ukrainian corporations. The members of the board meet every year and have separate discussions on successes and challenges in the KSE development.

The academic quality of the KSE MA Program is continuously overseen by the International Academic Board chaired Yurii Gorodnichenko, University of California, Berkeley, US. The head of IAB is also the member of the board of directors. One of the members of IAB is Roger Myerson. He was awarded the 2007 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in recognition of his contributions to mechanism design theory, which analyzes rules for coordinating economic agents efficiently when they have different information and difficulty trusting each other.

Three KSE Master's Programs are accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine: those in Economics Analysis, Business and Financial Economics, and Public Policy and Governance. The university also offers a Master’s in Mathematical Economics and Econometrics.

Master of Business and Management in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics (MBAI+MBA)

School students are actively involved in the formation of the agenda. Representatives of all long-term programs participate in the monthly meeting with the management team.

Students have organized Finance Club, Case Club, and Business Literature Club, which invite successful people to share their experience and give practical guidance on development.

There are several student competitions at the Kyiv School of Economics: Case Champ, Chess Champ and KSE BrainСhamp (the Olympiad). In autumn 2017, a student tournament "What? Where? When?" was launched.

The Kyiv School of Economics conducts a lot of open lectures, which can be visited by all those who wish. In the past few years, the speakers on such events were Oleg Ivantsov (), Dag Detter, author of the book "The Public Wealth of Nations ", Aivaras Abromavichus, Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine (2014–2016), Dita Charanzova, member of the European Parliament, and other.

In 2018, KSE held two series of events named Ukraine Economy Week. In May – jointly with the . In September – together with the company . Also KSE has started to publish yearly reforms overview – White Book on Reforms.