Khote Sikkay

Khote Sikkay (transl. Fake Coins) is a 1974 Indian Hindi-language action-adventure film directed by Narendra Bedi, starring Feroz Khan and Danny Denzongpa as part of a gang of men hired by a villager to save his village from the dacoits.[1] The film also stars Rehana Sultan, Kunwar Ajit, Ranjeet, Narendra Nath, Kamal Kapoor, Leela Mishra, Paintal, Ajit and Ranjeet. The lyrics are by Majrooh Sultanpuri, while the music was provided by R.D. Burman.

It was inspired by the Western genre, complete with horses and ponchos. It has a similar plot to Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai as well as The Magnificent Seven, while Feroz Khan's character is similar to the "Man with No Name" stock characters in Kurosawa's Yojimbo and Sergio Leone's Dollars trilogy.[2] The blockbuster Sholay is said be inspired by this film.

False currency is the current currency in our society. This is the exciting story of those five adventurous young men who earn their livelihood in the city by doing all kinds of odd and unusual jobs. All five of them are strikingly different specimens of humanity. Each one of them is a master of his own peculiar art. Each one of them has a unique style, but they are all together. Dacoit Junga's exploits have created panic and terror in the village. He commits the murder of Ramu's father. Ramu travels alone from the village to the city to bring his cousin Jaggu to the village. Jaggu happens to be one of those five "fake coins". All five of them, after mutual consultation plan to go to Ramu's village. These happy-go-lucky five young men have their first encounter with Janga's brother and associates at the premises of the singing-dancing girl Rani. After the encounter, these five are rewarded with prizes which the police had announced for anyone who could deal with these Dacoits. With that prize money, they buy weapons to ensure the safety and security of the village. Another man Feroze Khan obsessed with the idea of avenging his father's murder, shadows Junga day and night. There is a soft corner in his heart for the girl named Rani. In the village, Feroze Khan clashes with these five young men, but ultimately he also joins them for the pursuit of a common goal. But Feroze has taken a decision that he alone will square his account with Junga and will not allow anyone else to settle the score for him. Having settled in the village, these five young men now channelize all their activities in the service of the village community. The village people and the head man of the village ultimately stand bail for these five young men and plead with the authorities that they be given a chance to reform themselves. After the reformation, these five young men become the finest assets of the village and the five "fake coins" of the city turn into genuine gold for the village. The teenage widowed daughter-in-law of the head man of the village spends her life with her little child, groaning under the cruel treatment in the house of her mother-in-law. Jaggu succeeds in welcoming her one day into his arms and the shelter of his love. These five young men band together to work against the Dacoits in the interest of the village. After uniting the villages, these five young men put up a bold fight with the Dacoits. How far they succeed and to what extent their courage and idealism is able to thwart the conspiracy of the Dacoits forms the thrilling climax that is the very soul of "KHOTTE SIKKAY".