Kanva (Karnesh) (Sanskrit: कण्व káṇva) was an ancient Hindu rishi[1] of the Treta yuga, to whom some of the hymns of the Rig Veda are ascribed.[citation needed] He was one of the Angirasas.[2] He has been called a son of Ghora, but this liniage belongs to Pragatha Kanva, a subsequent Kanva of which there were many.[3][4] However, Puranic literature has other different lineages for him, one as the son of Apratiratha and grandson of King Matinara, and another as the son of Ajamidha, who was a descendant in the ninth generation of Tansu, the brother of Apratiratha (Atiratha), or Ajamidha who was a contemporary of Matinara.[2][4][5] This last seems to be the modern consensus.[4][6] He is sometimes included in the list of the seven sages (the Saptarishis).[1] Kanva had a son Medhatithi.[5][6]