Kalacakra was a 1970s German psychedelic underground band formed by the duo Claus Rauschenbach and Heinz Martin. Their sound carried a heavily eastern influence, with a lot of flute, sitar and percussions,[1] and their style has been described as "mantric acid folk."[2] "Kalacakra" refers to a Tibetan Buddhist concept of "time-cycles."[3][4] The band released its only album, Crawling To Lhasa, in 1972.[5] They recorded in German.[6]

The album was re-released on CD in 2001 by Garden of Delights, featuring two bonus tracks absent from the 1972 release.[7]

In 2002 after a gap of 30 years another album was released by the reformed band. was called "Peace" and contained a more New Age fare compared to the 1972 Krautrock.