Kōno Bairei

Kōno Bairei (幸野 楳嶺, March 3, 1844 – February 20, 1895) was a Japanese painter, book illustrator, and art teacher.[1] He was born (as Yasuda Bairei) and lived in Kyoto.[2] He was a member of the Ukiyo-e school and was a master of kacho-e painting (depictions of birds and flowers) in the Meiji period of Japan.[3]

In 1852, he went to study with the Maruyama-school painter, Nakajima Raisho (1796–1871). After Raisho's death, Bairei studied with the Shijo-school master Shiokawa Bunrin (1808–77).[4]

His work included flower prints, bird prints[5] [6] [7] , and landscapes, with a touch of western realism.[8] Bairei's Album of One Hundred Birds[9] was published in 1881.

He opened an art school in 1880 and his students included Takeuchi Seihō, Kawai Gyokudō, and Uemura Shōen.