Joseph M. Juran

In 1926, he married Sadie Shapiro. Joseph and Sadie met in 1924 when his sister Betty moved to Chicago, and Sadie and he met her train; in his autobiography, he wrote of meeting Sadie, "There and then I was smitten and have remained so ever since." They were engaged in 1925, on Joseph's 21st birthday. Fifteen months later, they were married. They had been married for nearly 82 years when he died in 2008.

Joseph and Sadie raised four children (three sons and a daughter): Robert, Sylvia, Charles, and Donald. Robert was an award-winning newspaper editor, and Sylvia earned a doctorate in Russian literature.

The key issues facing managers in sales are no different than those faced by managers in other disciplines. Sales managers say they face problems such as "It takes us too long...we need to reduce the error rate." They want to know, "How do customers perceive us?" These issues are no different than those facing managers trying to improve in other fields. The systematic approaches to improvement are identical. ... There should be no reason our familiar principles of quality and process engineering would not work in the sales process.

Juran was active well into his 80s, and gave up international travel only at age 86. He retired at age 90 but still gave interviews. His activities during the second half of his life include:

Juran began writing his memoirs at 92. They were published two months before he celebrated his 99th birthday. He gave two interviews at 94 and 97.