Ingrid of Sweden

In 1947, her husband became king on his father's death. As queen, Ingrid reformed the traditions of Danish court life, abolished many old-fashioned customs at court and created a more relaxed atmosphere at official receptions. King Frederick IX died in 1972, and Ingrid's daughter Margrethe became queen.

She was also a paternal aunt of the present Swedish monarch, King Carl XVI Gustaf.

Princess Ingrid (far right) with her father, mother and three brothers in 1912.

In 1972, King Frederick IX died, and Ingrid was widowed at the age of 61. Her elder daughter, aged 31, became the new queen, and Ingrid now assumed a position as family matriarch. That same year, after having sworn to respect the Danish constitution, she was appointed Rigsforstander (formal Regent) and representative of the monarch whenever her daughter (and later her grandsons) were absent, a task she performed on many occasions. This was exceptional; since the constitution of 1871, only the Crown Prince had been allowed to act as regent in the absence of the monarch.

Kong Frederik og Dronning Ingrids fond til humanitære og kulturelle formål, IngridfondetDronning Ingrids Romerske Fond til støtte af kulturelle og videnskabelige formål