House of Lambakanna I

Lambakarna (Lambakanna) is a powerful clan that ruled Sri Lanka. Many kings starting from King Vasabha until the formation of Kandyan kingdom belong to this clan or related clans.

First reference to this clan is found in Mahavamsa, in the reign of king Ilanaga. Accordingly lambakarnas seems to be royal attendants, that accompanied the king to thiswewa. Upon return journey the Lambakarnas had left the king alone. Enraged the king employed the lambakarnas to menial work under the supervision of chandalas. Lambakarnas rose in revolt and usurped the throne[1]. Illanaga managed to take the throne back but lambakarnas set up their own dynasty since king Vasabha, few years later.according to the kotte era sources this clan is related to the clan that was entrusted in protecting the sri maha bodhi tree.

Lambakarnas used the titles like " Lamani" "Mahale" and found frequently in inscriptions and literature.According to Dipavamsa, sixteen lanka mahalekhas has arrived with the sri maha bodhi. They functioned as chief guardians to the institutions and functioned as writers as well[2]. In addition they are mentioned in Mahavansha in coronation festivals as parasol and flag bearers. The lambakarnas also possessed the knowledge of weapon manufacturing and found among the military leaders as well[3].