Heros of Arles

Heros was Bishop of Arles from 408 to 412. He was installed as bishop by the usurper Constantine III, and was deposed by Constantius III.[1]

Prosper of Aquitaine describes him in his Chronicle as "vir sanctus, et beati Martini discipulus".[2] He was installed as bishop in the face of local opposition.[1] Heros lost his see in the reprisals which followed the defeat and execution of Constantine III, and was replaced by Patroclus of Arles.[3]

Along with Lazarus, who had also been deposed as bishop of Aix-en-Provence by Constantius, he went into exile in Palestine. In 415 both Heros and Lazarus wrote a letter to the Council of Diospolis condemning Pelagianism; they wrote a second letter together to the Council of Carthage (416).[4]