Hermitian Yang–Mills connection

In mathematics, and in particular gauge theory and complex geometry, a Hermitian Yang–Mills connection (or Hermite-Einstein connection) is a Chern connection associated to an inner product on a holomorphic vector bundle over a Kähler manifold that satisfies an analogue of Einstein's equations: namely, the contraction of the curvature 2-form of the connection with the Kähler form is required to be a constant times the identity transformation. Hermitian Yang–Mills connections are special examples of Yang–Mills connections, and are often called instantons.

The Kobayashi–Hitchin correspondence proved by Donaldson, Uhlenbeck and Yau asserts that a holomorphic vector bundle over a compact Kähler manifold admits a Hermitian Yang–Mills connection if and only if it is slope polystable.

Due to the similarity of the second condition in the Hermitian Yang-Mills equations with the equations for an Einstein metric, solutions of the Hermitian Yang-Mills equations are often called Hermite-Einstein connections, as well as Hermitian Yang-Mills connections.