Guhyagarbha tantra

The Guhyagarbha Tantra (The Tantra of the Secret Quintessence) is the main tantra of the Mahayoga class and the primary Tantric text studied in the Nyingma tradition as a key to understanding empowerment, samaya, mantras, mandalas and other Vajrayana topics.

Its full title is the .

Glorious Web of Magical Illusion, The Secret Essence Definitive Nature Just As It Is

Traditionally higher tantras require an empowerment and transmission from a qualified guru or lama before they can be studied and practiced, and were therefore not usually discussed publicly.

Prahevajra (Garab Dorje) received the empowerment and transmission of the Mahayoga teachings of the Secret Matrix Tradition (Guhyagarbha tantra) from Mahasiddha Kukuraja.[1]

The Wrathful Deities of the Guhyagarbha Tantra. Tibetan thangka from 18th century. Middle figure is Mahottara Heruka, upper left figure is Ratna Heruka, upper right is Padma Heruka, lower center is Buddha Heruka, lower right is Karma Heruka, and lower left is Vajra Heruka. All of them have a consort. Surrounding these figures are the 58 wrathful deities.