Gangadevi, also known as Gangambika, was a 14th-century princess and Sanskrit-language poet of the Vijayanagara Empire of present-day India. She was wife of Kumara Kampana, the son of the Vijayanagara king Bukka Raya I (c. 1360s-1370s).[1]

Gangadevi chronicled the story of the victory of her husband, over the Muslims in Madurai in the form of a poem. The title of the nine chapter poem was Madhura Vijayam, also known as Veerakamparaya Charitram.[2][3]

At the beginning of Madhura Vijayam, Gangadevi eulogizes several Sanskrit poets of the Telugu-speaking region, and particularly admires Tikkaya (identified with Tikkana, the author of Andhra Mahabharatam). This suggests that she was from a Telugu-speaking region.[4]