French Academy of Sciences

Colbert Presenting the Members of the Royal Academy of Sciences to Louis XIV in 1667

The academy was originally organized by the royal reform hierarchically into the following groups: Pensionaires, Pupils, Honoraires, and Associés.

One division, Division 1, covers the applications of mathematics and physical sciences,

Also in 1795, The Academy determined these 10 titles (first 4 in Division 1 and the others in Division 2) e to be their newly accepted branches of scientific study:

The Academic Standing Committees and Working Parties prepare the advice notes, policy statements and the Academic Reports. Some have a statutory remit, such as the Select Committee, the Committee for International Affairs and the Committee for Scientists' Rights, some are created ad hoc by the Academy and approved formally by vote in a Members-only session.

Each year, the Academy of Sciences distributes about 80 prizes. These include:

The following are incomplete lists of the officers of the Academy. See also .

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