Field (mathematics)

This may be summarized by saying: a field has two operations, called addition and multiplication; it is an abelian group under addition with 0 as the additive identity; the nonzero elements are an abelian group under multiplication with 1 as the multiplicative identity; and multiplication distributes over addition.

The multiplication of complex numbers can be visualized geometrically by rotations and scalings.

By a field we will mean every infinite system of real or complex numbers so closed in itself and perfect that addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of any two of these numbers again yields a number of the system.

Since fields are ubiquitous in mathematics and beyond, several refinements of the concept have been adapted to the needs of particular mathematical areas.

An Archimedean field is an ordered field such that for each element there exists a finite expression

A widely applied cryptographic routine uses the fact that discrete exponentiation, i.e., computing