Expedition of Zayd ibn Harithah (Hisma)

Expedition of Zayd ibn Harithah in Hisma took place in October, 628, 6th month of 7AH of the Islamic calendar.[2][3] The attack led by Zayd ibn Harithah was a response to Dihyah bin Khalifa Kalbi's call for help, after being attacked by robbers. Muslims retaliated and killed many of the robbers and captured 100 tribe members[1]

After the signing the Hudaibiya treaty with the Quraysh in Mecca, Muhammad sent several envoys in a few neighboring countries, inviting them to Islam.[1] The following were sent:

He sent Dhiyah bin Khalifah al-Kalbi to the king of Basra, who would in turn send it to Caesar (Heraclius).

From Muhammad, the slave of Allâh and His Messenger to Hercules, king of the Byzantines.

Blessed are those who follow true guidance. I invite you to embrace Islam so that you may live in security. If you come within the fold of Islam, Allâh will give you double reward, but in case you turn your back upon it, then the burden of the sins of all your people shall fall on your shoulders.

To proceed: submit yourself, and you shall be safe. Submit yourself, and God shall give you your reward twice over. But, if you turn away, the sin of the Arisuians shall be upon you.”

When, after finishing his trip, Dhiyah was returning to Medina ; a group of bandit belonging to Banu Judham looted him of everything he had, when he reached Hisma, a place on the way to Syria and west of Tabuk. [1][10]

Dhiyah approached the Banu Dubayb (a tribe which converted to Islam and had good relations with Muslims) for help. When the news reached Muhammad, he immediately dispatched Zayd ibn Haritha with 500 men to punish them. The Muslim army fought with Banu Judham, killed several of them (inflicting heavy casualties), including their chief, Al-Hunayd ibn Arid and his son, and captured 1000 camels, 5000 of their cattle and a 100 women and boys. The new chief of the Banu Judham who had embraced Islam appealed to Muhammad to release his fellow tribesmen, and Muhammad released them.[1][10]