Notifications (formerly known as Echo) is an engagement tool for Wikimedia and MediaWiki sites to inform users about new activity in a unified way. It provides notifications to users of various events related to their account, including new talk page messages, edit reverts, mentions, or links. It is designed to replace and/or augment existing notification systems on MediaWiki sites, as well as provide significantly more control to users as to how their notifications are handled, read, and deleted. The feature was initially developed by the Wikimedia Foundation's Editor Engagement team as part of "MediaWiki needs a sane notification system" (phab:T34281), and their maintenance is currently the responsibility of the Growth team. It was deployed to all Wikimedia wikis during 2013.

The difference between "alerts" and "messages" notifications (the two panels or flyouts) is unclear to some. The developers want feedback on 2 possible sorting schemes so they can make this better (T123018). You can give feedback in any language.

The ongoing user-experience changes (the wording and design of each notification type) are most easily seen (or less detailed version at Notifications/Messages). More details at T114357.

The Collaboration team is concentrating on cross-wiki notifications and related improvements to the extension. A Beta Feature for cross-wiki notifications is planned.

A more detailed overview is available on the talkpage; here are the main tasks:

Note: Most of these are not directly part of the cross-wiki notifications feature. We won't for sure roll all these out together with the main change.

What comments, what design ideas, and what technical concerns do you have? Please tell us on the linked tasks if you can.

The notifications badge has been split in two. As a first step, notifications about messages on your user talk page will be placed in the second badge/list (and Flow messages on the wikis using it). Please give us feedback on which of the other existing notifications, should be moved into the second badge/list.

This new notifications system seeks to unify the delivery of interaction messages in MediaWiki core, through a common API that can provide a uniform interface for users. For a quick visual overview of this project, check the Notifications slides.

The first release focused on new users, who need notifications more than power users. Specifically, we concentrated on some of the first notifications which a new user can receive after creating an account on Wikipedia. We also developed some features to support power users, but we initially emphasize notifications that can engage new users, who need this service most urgently. Anonymous, unregistered users will not receive notifications at this time.

These new types of notifications have been proposed, or partially developed (in no particular order):