E. W. Adikaram

Kalutara Koralalage Edward Winifred Brito Adikaram (5 March 1905 – 28 December 1985) was an educationalist, writer, social activist and a Philosopher in Sri Lanka.[1][2] In 1931 he obtained an M.A degree from London School of Oriental Studies and in 1933 a PhD on the thesis "Early History of Buddhism in Ceylon". After returning to Sri Lanka he started to teach in Ananda Sastralaya, Kotte and in 1934, he became the principal of the school.[3] He was a prominent nonviolence activist in Sri Lanka.

Adikaram was born on 5 March 1905. Educated at Wesley College, Colombo and succeeded to Colombo University College to study Chemistry. Due to financial problems, he was unable to receive sufficient science education, then he started to follow BA (Bachelor of Arts) Degree after he completed his degree he join to Ananda Shasthralaya Kotte as a teacher . Adikaram won a Scholarship to London University to pursue MA (Master of Arts) and Phd, then he sailed to England. During the days at England he was with some other Ceylonese youths who became leading politicians like Dr.N.M.Perera and Dr. Colvin R. De Silva. He wrote several Sinhala-language science related books, magazines and newspaper entries.