German Technical University in Brno

German Technical University in Brno (German: Deutsche Technische Hochschule Brünn) was a technical university in Brno. It existed from 1849 to 1945 and instruction was in German.

At the time, Brno was a multicultural city with both Czech and German populations. A technical university serving both nationalities was proposed,[when?] but fell through, resulting in the establishment of the Czech Technical University in 1899. From 1860, the German Technical University was located on Komenského Square in Brno, and in 1910 a second building was built beside the first one.

During the Nazi occupation, it was planned for the university to be relocated to Linz, but this did not happen. In 1945, the German Technical University in Brno was closed and its property transferred to the Brno University of Technology.