Cross-ndj (hieroglyph)

(Example hieroglyph relief). The Cross-ndj hieroglyph is shown in the bottom line at the beginning (at right)(reads right-to-left): .

The Egyptian hieroglyph ndj (nḏ) (Gardiner Aa27, U+13429 𓐩) has the shape of a cross. It presumably depicts some type of tool such as a mill. It is often written alongside the nu "pot" hieroglyph (W24).[1] It is used as an ideogram or determinative in the context of "grains", "grinding stone", "grind", "to rub out".

Budge's dictionary to the Book of the Dead has the following uses for the hieroglyph:

1—(nos 1,2,4)-"to protect, guard, avenge", and "protector, advocate, avenger"
3—(nos. 5,6,7)-"discuss a matter with someone", "to converse", "to take counsel"; (uses the 'man-seated hieroglyph' for 'concepts', or 'speech', no. A2)