Cowie Hill

Cowie Hill is a subdivision of Mainland Halifax in the Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia. The hill on which it is situated was originally called "Cowie's Hill", named after one of the original owners of the land, Robert Cowie. Cowie was a British merchant, who was granted the land in 1752 by Governor Edward Cornwallis. Over time, the apostrophe 's' in "Cowie's Hill" was dropped.

Built during the early 1970s, the neighbourhood overlooks the Northwest Arm and distinctive townhouses lining narrow, mostly one-way streets. Towering over these houses and the surrounding area are the subdivision's two apartment buildings: Ridgeway Towers and Armdale Place (known to some as "Top of the Mountain", the original name for the building).

Its main streets include Cowie Hill Road, Ridgevalley Road and Highfield Street. Side streets include Limerick Road, Bromley Road, Cavendish Road, Shepherd Road, Drumdonald Road and Abbey Road. There is a large park called the J. Albert Walker Memorial Sports Field.