Chozhia Vellalar

Chozhia Vellalar (also spelt as Sozhia Vellalar) is a caste from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The Chozhia Vellalars along-with Keerakarars, Kodikalarars and Vatrilaikarars is a sub-caste of the greater Vellalars.[1]

Chozia Vellalars were the agriculturalists of Chola dynasty became the Chozia Vellalars, if to Pandiya they were called as Pandiya Vellalars, those who settled in 6 different nations are called Arunattu Vellalars.[citation needed]

The Chozhia Vellalars were present predominantly in the eastern districts of Tamil Nadu. Nowadays they are present in almost all the districts of Tamil Nadu.[citation needed]

Though the distribution of the community is found in most of the districts, they migrated to the other parts of Tamil Nadu from Trichy and Thanjavur areas towards the middle and second half of the 19th century. As they moved in, they always followed the river bed areas for settlement. Thus, the said community when came to Salem District they initially settled at Palamedu. When their life at Palamedu became difficult due to Theechati Kolliyars (Dacoits with fire) they moved out. Of these the persons who moved to Pandamangalam area were farmers and the traders moved into Proper Salem. They settled as trader dealing in betel leaves and thus earning the name Vatrilaikarar.[citation needed]