C++ Technical Report 1

The report was first circulated in draft form in 2005 as , then published in 2007 as an ISO/IEC standard as .

Wrapper references are useful above all for template functions, when argument deduction would not deduce a reference (e.g. when forwarding arguments):

Smart pointers – adds several classes that simplify object lifetime management in complex cases. Three main classes are added:

The Mathematical special functions library was not standardized in C++11.

Some features of TR1, such as the mathematical special functions and certain C99 additions, are not included in the Visual C++ implementation of TR1.

These functions will likely be of principal interest to programmers in the engineering and scientific disciplines.

In 2005, a request for proposals for a TR2 was made with a special interest in Unicode, XML/HTML, Networking and usability for novice programmers..

After the call was issued for proposals for TR2, ISO procedures were changed, so there will not be a TR2. Instead, enhancements to C++ will be published in a number of Technical Specifications. Some of the proposals listed above are already included in the C++ standard or in draft versions of the Technical Specifications.