Bigelow Aerospace

In March 2020, the company laid off all 88 of its employees due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and planned to rehire staff when conditions permitted.

Note: Current as of July 2021. Dates of upcoming launches are proposed and are subject to change.

Although Genesis I and Genesis II are identical in size and similar in appearance there are several notable differences. Firstly, Genesis I contains 13 video cameras whereas Genesis II contains 22. Secondly, Genesis II includes a suite of additional sensors and avionics that are not present in Genesis I.

The first image of the interior of Genesis II appeared on the company's website on 29 June 2007. Some of the pictures and other items placed aboard Genesis II as part of the Fly Your Stuff program are clearly visible. Another interior image, apparently taken with more of the spacecraft's internal lights activated, was posted on 2 July 2007. Articles from the Fly Your Stuff program are also visible in this image.