6-simplex honeycomb

In six-dimensional Euclidean geometry, the 6-simplex honeycomb is a space-filling tessellation (or honeycomb). The tessellation fills space by 6-simplex, rectified 6-simplex, and birectified 6-simplex facets. These facet types occur in proportions of 1:1:1 respectively in the whole honeycomb.

The A*
lattice (also called A7
) is the union of seven A6 lattices, and has the vertex arrangement of the dual to the omnitruncated 6-simplex honeycomb, and therefore the Voronoi cell of this lattice is the omnitruncated 6-simplex.

The 6-simplex honeycomb can be projected into the 3-dimensional cubic honeycomb by a geometric folding operation that maps two pairs of mirrors into each other, sharing the same vertex arrangement: